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Help With Quiver - AC4, Snoop, ? (Mach 3's?)

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I need some help with a new ski decision. I am 6'4" and weigh 215 lbs and I am a very aggressive skiier that can do pretty much anything. The only thing I stay away from is bumps and prefer speed and steeps. I live in the state of OH and travel around quite a bit to ski. My current setup is 06/07 Volkl AC4 177 and 06/07 Atomic Snoops 185. I absolutely love both sets of skis, but am looking for something when I am hitting the small hills here in OH. I have been a Volkl guy since the old school Rentigers (sp) and have zero complaints with my AC4's (I should say I love them). However, the hills here in OH are so small that by the time I get the AC4's up to speed when they are just about to come alive I am at the bottom of the hill. I have been checking around and I have been reading some very positive things about the Nordica Speedmachine Mach 3's. I am looking for something that would be a little more playful and have a little more pop to them as compared to the very damp AC4's. From what I have read about the Mach 3's this seems to be a pretty versatile ski that may hold a little better on the ice that I am accustom to in OH. What is especially appealing is I have found several deals where I can pick these skis up for around $550 shipped. I want to make sure that this ski is not to much of an over lap with my AC4's and will be more playful.

The other skis that I have read about that sound pretty interesting are the Contact 11's, Rossi's, Volk SuperSport and Elans, but for some reason I really have a bur up my butt about the Mach 3's. What do all of you at Epic think? I still want a ski that will carry some good speed, but will come a live at slower speeds (medium and large arcs) and still have some pop to them when coming off edge.

Buckeye (next serious ski will be a Stockli)
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Personally, if I was looking for a ski that would make flatter/shorter hills more interesting, I'd go for a twin tip.

I'm not sure how much you're intrigued/disgusted/enraged/titillated by the whole park thing, but it can make stuff a lot more interesting. I'm not really into park skiing much, but on the days when i'm skiing with people that aren't as fast as me, and I know its going to be more of a social thing, skiing switch and doing butters sure makes it a lot more interesting.

Maybe look at Armada AR6s, Karmas, 4FRNT STLs, or Head im88s. (I THINK the last ones are a full twin, might just have a kicktail though. Regardless, a kick tail will work fine for skiing switch on groomers.)

My apologies if the park thing doesn't interest you at all, and just ignore all the previous babbling.
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Ithink I'd get an Omeglass 64 or a Racetiger SL.
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im88 isn't a full twin its a slight maybe 1cm turnup and rounded off.

Skiing in the midatlantic areas, pretty much you eventually have to either get into racing, bumps or park if you plan to ski more than a hand full of local days a year just to keep things interesting. Or maybe learn to Tele or snowboard just to keep it fresh.
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You are saying some things that a bit contradictory. If you want the ski to come alive at slower speeds that speaks to one thing but carrying speed and medium to long arcs speaks to another. (Also....you already have a ski that does the latter)

The Nordie Mach 3 Carbon would not be a bad choice if you got a 170. I think that a 178 might feel a little geeee-esssy for what you want. The Mach 3 Ti is maybe as good a hard snow ski as there is (short of racey stuff). But the Ti will feel even more geee-essy than the Carbon. Both of these skis could put alot of turns down on your little hills as long as you stick on the 170's.

Actually, the Slalom ski suggestion is a pretty good one too. You might even find a little informal league or a training program to play in or something.

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I would go 165cm Racestock SL ski something or another.

and around 170cm twin tip to learn to ski park.

I had both when i lived back in Pa.
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