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At last some snow.
Its ok for you guys the snow seems endless!!
Going to Lech / St Anton Sunday for 4 days to re find my legs for 2001 / 2 season.
Going to try new Volkl P50 GS will let you know how they rate.
Hope all you guys are well.Wish I could join you on annual week but have family commitments (16 year old daughter enjoys Kitzbuhel).
If any of you decide to visit Lech / St Anton let me know as there are some great deals.
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Tom, I'm looking to get away just after new year and St Anton again would be a fine choice. You should show your face in the Krazy Kangaruh after a day's skiing, it's just above the village. There's a very good looking young lady thet walks around ON the tables firing shots of Jagermeister or Schnapps straight into unsuspecting people's mouths. The short ski down afterwards is the funniest part of the whole trip.

Anyway, enough banter. Where can I look for the great deals you mention.
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