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RX6 Length

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I'm a recovering snowboarder, and just started skiing again last year. I used an old pair of straight Salomon Equipes. Had a blast, but would like to get onto a pair of shapes. I ski in NY, MA and VT, enjoy steeps and bumps. From what I've read here it sounds like the Fischer RX6 or RX8 would be the ski for me. I'm leaning toward the 6 as it should be more forgiving in the bumps.

I'm 6' and 195#, and skied for 22 years before switching to snowboarding. I'll ski 15-20 times this year. I'm thinking about an RX6 at 175. Am I on target?
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There are several good skis that fit your needs, the RX8 & RX6 being a good starting point. I own the RX8 and think its a great ski for New England, the RX6 is nearly as good and a good value, I would pick a 170 or 175cm in an RX8 or a 175cm in a RX6 given your size.

Other skis that will also deliver good carving performance while being better in the bumps than the RX skis include the Fischer AMC 73, the Head Monster 72, and Dynastar Contact 9 or Contact 11 and the Elan Speedwave 12. Buy at least a 172cm in any of these, something around 175cm would be better.

Deals can be found on all of these models, expect to pay $300 to $600 for skis with bindings.

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I have both 165 and 175 RX8's and have skied the 170's. I'm 190 and 5'9 1/2

I like them all. It depends on what I want to do. The 165's are a lot of fun for making short turns, the 175's still turn short but are more stable over all.

So for RX6's (or RX8's) as an all around ski I guess I'd have to go with the 170's.
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Again, I like bumps, but living in New England I'll need something for the boiler plate, too. Sounds like I'm on the right track. Thanks for the help.
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PM SierraJim for this deal...
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I tired out an RX8 in 170 cm at Calabogie Peaks for a day. It seemed like the right length for me. I weigh 165 lbs and like to ski fast. This ski could pretty much handle everything, slow speeds, fast speeds, bumps, groomed, ice, a foot or two of snow (that's all I could find).
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