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Looking for AT boots

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I want to try on some AT boots at some point this season. What Utah ski shops carry a good supply of AT boots? I would prefer something in logan if possible.

Alternatively, what AT boots for a person with a pretty standard Technica Foot. My Alpine boots are Technica Diablo Magmas 26.5. They fit perfect with no mods. What AT boots have similar fit characteristics?
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might get some more AT to Alpine info on TGR or teletips?

most shops that post here (I think) are just alpine boot retailers, They work on AT boots too.
Lou might be able to help. PM him? He sells both.
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Thanks Mtnlion!
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Try Alpine Sports In Ogden not sure if they are open for the season yet.
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If you get down to Salt Lake go to Black Diamond
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Don't know what boots you will be able to find. Almost certainly Garmont and Scarpa. I won't commment specifically on which boot is like the Tecnica but think you will find the Scarpa to be higher volume (particularly over the instep) than the Garmont.

That said it is up to you to do your foot homework. You should do shell fits with some models and check the differences for yourself. I sell the Garmont and find that I can easily accomodate a fairly high instep and that the Garmont feels more like a traditional alpine boot in terms of foot hold.

Also remember that the heat moldable liners in each will fill tighter than the boot will actually be following molding. Don't make the mistake of thinking yo need to be in the larger shell.

In my store I try to prevent people from trying the boot other than shell fit because it can make it more difficult to get them into the correct size.
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