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Fischer Watea 78

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Anyone know anything about this ski? It got very good recs in one of the rags but also got very a very solid review on Realskiers.
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I tested Fischer twice last year and in really liked both the 78 and the 84. The 78 had some tough competition in it's width category and it didn't make it onto the wall although the 84 did. The Watea is a great entry into the light and nimble segment of this width category. The 78 reminded me of the Legend 8K (and that's a very good thing).

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Thanks Jim. This will be my 6th year on skis. I'd describe myselfe as an intermediate who's on piste technique has really improved thanks to lessons. Last year I started venturing off piste a little bit and would like to do more of that. I suck in bumps but would like to start learning to handle bumps more proficiently. I ski mostly in the East and I'd say I'm looking for a 70/30 kind of ski. Biased toward groomed and harder snow but pretty good plowing through crud, decent in bumps. Thought something in the mid to upper 78s underfoot might be pretty versitile. I was on some Apache Recons last year in Utah and liked them pretty well. Skis that have caught my attention are the Head I.M. 78 and Xenon 9.0, Nordica Nitrous, Fischer AMC 73, 76, and now the Watea 78. I'll probably try to demo if I can find them to demo. But kind of looking to start with a decent short list. Definately want something that's reasonably forgiving but something to grow with. Any thoughts on these or other skis would be much appreciated.
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You've done a nice job of qualifying what you want right down to the point about wanting a slight groomer bias. That tells me a lot about what to suggest.

Two caveats:

(1) If you are looking toward the higher end stuff, the groomer bias would suggest one of the stiffer or more agressive skis.

(2) This type of ski might be somewhat challenging for a mid level skier.

Here are some choices that won't spank an intermediate. (these are not particularly groomer biased but work pretty well in hard conditions)

Fischer Watea 78
Dynastar Legend 8K (buy this one a tich on the short side)
Rossi B78
Salomon XW Tornado
Nordie Nitrous (buy this one on the shorter side too)

I have skied several Heads but not the iM 78 so I can only speculate that based upon the others that I have tried, it might be a little challenging for an intermediate. Heads are fine products, but some are fairly agressive.

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Thanks Jim! I've not tried a lot of skis and almost never post in the equipment forums. I've really been impressed by your reviews and comments on skis. Same goes for Dawgcatching. You're a real asset to this community. I'll try to demo a few of these skis and if you have the product I'd be happy to throw my business your way.
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I just did a demo of the 2009 Watea 78 with the brown graphics. I loved those skis. Now the question are the 2008 Watea 78 with the red graphics the same ski? The shape is the same, but what about the core composition, flex, etc. Obviously the 2008 version can be had for much less than the 2009, but I'm only interested if it's the same ski.

Thanks in advance.
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no difference other than graphics
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