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What To Get????

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Howdy fellas, I'm have a dilemma - I can't figure out quite what to get, with respect to a fat ski. I'm considering the Line 100 Prophet, Nordica Enforcer, or Sugar Daddy. Also how important is the length? The Enforcer I'm looking at is 177 and my S/O (she taught at Sun Valley and worked the 2002 Olympics at The Basin, and has raced professionally) suggested the 177's might be too long. I've heard varying opinions about the length to ski, from measuring against ones height to the ski length should depend upon the skiers experience.

I'm 5'7", 155lbs and a Type III skier. I have a season pass to Alta, unless I take a weekend to Idaho or Colorado.

In my inventory I have some Rossy B2's 158mm and X-Wing Blast 163mm.

Typically I'll head for the trees, then the bumps and finish on hardback after it's skied off.


Also I get up between 45 and 50 days a year.
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For starters, IMO the skis that you have are at least somewhat on the short side. I think the range of low-mid 170's will do fine for you for your wider ski. A ski for deeper snow and rougher conditions can (and probably should) be somewhat longer than your more dedicated groomer type tools.

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Go to Alta Sports and demo a Gotama in an upper 170something. I'm betting you'll think they're the bee's knees. They've also got lots of other skis in case you don't think the Gotamas are the bee's knees.
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