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Any Heli Guides Out There?

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If so, how bout some stories to make us all jealous! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Hello out there;

This story comes from mntlion's girlfriend, yup I'm a ski guide.

First, the story to make you all jealous... I was happily skiing along one day with my group following and all of a sudden I was in the air flying over a 20 foot drop. Well just a few seconds earlier I had been wondering where the drop was. Be careful what you wish for 'eh. Anyway the landing was pitched perfectly and I skied away from the drop solidly (and without my pack banging me in the back of the head 20 pounds leaves a lump). I had the group stop above the drop so every one could scope the landing and get a great air. We took our time and got some great photos. One of our guests even did a perfect front flip off the edge. That was a great run!

Yeah all your fantasies come true a ski guide girl friend, well it not all it's cracked up to be. My season starts in November and goes to May and because Mntlion is at home I live the life of a Nun (he a monk). Besides the celibacy there is the work day, I start meetings to discuss the days plan as early as 530am (if I get to do the weather forecast. The here comes the jealous part ski from 830 to 4ish (longer in spring shorter in December). This is the goods. most days it's all it's cracked up to be with face shots galore (especially if you are 5'4 in yer ski boots), zipping through the trees whooping and hollering for your partner. Some days are spent on the glacier in glorious sunshine with million dollar views in every direction. Lunch is had out in the mountains most days some days we eat at the lodge if the guests prefer. You see the biggest concern in a ski guides life is to make the guest happy. (Not that happy boys, Its all about the turns, remember the Nun comment). At the end of the day we head back and have another meeting about the day and all the observations we made out there. We fill out paper work and spend time on computers just like all the other schmoos out there. It takes 10 years and close to 70 000 dollars to become a ski guide from the beginning to the end, so it isn't an instant gratification carrier. And then there is the whole life and death thing, the decisions you make can seriously effect other peoples lives. This is serious Business. I'm sorry to burst yer bubble on the fantasy BUT... the reality is we work our asses off so YOU can have a great, safe and faceshot full vacation!

So, if you have ever thot of becoming a ski guide, three things you must keep in mind 1: you have to be a morning person (and a mid-day person and a night person) 2: You have to be able to wrap your head around hard decisions 3: the skiing is BETTER than anything you have ever dared to dream about.
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Excellent! I'll have to learn to jump off cliffs before my first heli trip with CMH this coming Feb! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Where are you going, Keoki?
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Revelstoke. Can't wait....
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