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Little Footed Racer

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My daughter is 12 and has a size 20 (mondo size) foot. She skis about 90 days per year, many of those days racing or race training. She is also a bit small for her age (65 - 70 pounds). The issue has been that a size 20 boot doesn't fit into the normal race bindings that kids her age are using. Last year, we ended up using little kid Marker 7.0 binging on her Volkl 156 GS and 135 SL race skis, as well as on her Dogens. This worked to a point, and she only had one nasty premature release at high speed (which might have occurred anyway, but scared the S out of me). She also has a narrow foot and tends to pronate (we are having some orthotics made). She may need to progress her ski length, especially as she will be skiing some Super G this year, and it seems that the boot/binding size may hinder this advancement. As she has always been small, she has had to develop very strong technique to keep up, and this is an asset.

Do you have any suggestions for dealing with this issue?

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Canadian Skier you don't say your name but if you want come into the store and maybe I can help. There are some bindings that will work with a jr. DIN sole and maybe provide better hold.
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Thanks for the response.

Her skis are Volkl race stock w/ race plate - do your bindings fit on the Volkl race plate?

For now, our plan is to wait until she gets her orthotic made (should be done next week - she pronates and this has affected her knees) and then try to get her into a 22 (if any fit). Lange seemed close w/o the orthotic and I also want her to try the Salomon Falcon. Tecnica has too much volume as her foot is little in both length and width. She hasn't tried Head, so we will stop in at your store once the orthotics are made. Part of the difficulty is that smaller size boots haven't been shipped yet. Given her low weight she needs about a 70 flex.

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I have seen that the smallest salomon falcon (22 or 265mm) fits smaller then the smallest lange (3 or 266).

I can't remember if the salomon falcon shape goes into a jr boot flex. Been a long summer on the mnt bike, and not thinking boot fitting

Talk to Lou in calgary, and in canmore, Ultimate fit center has the lange stock in now.
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70 flex tecnica are already in stock. I have several prs of 20, 21, and 22. Can't say if it is too high volume until we get her foot in it. Only bindings that will fit the marker plate will be marker bindings. give me a call and come down with bindings and skis and we'll get it sorted.

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I just wanted to let you know what we ended up with for my daughter's boots. After countless hours at various local stores, she ended up with a Salomon Falcon 100. It was clearly the best fit, and with the orthotic, it was very close to a good fit. The Falcon 70 was so soft that she flexed it like butter. The Falcon 90 seemed to have a very similar flex as the 100, but the liner material was not the same quality as the 100 and seemed like it would likely pack out more than the liner on the 100. The Doberman 70 was way too big, as was the Rossignol, Lange, Head and Tecnica. The smaller size Tecnicas didn't fit her feet well according to two boot fitters. The Doberman 80 was close to a good fit, but was much stiffer than the Salomon 100. (so much for stiffness rating systems) Note that the Doberman 80 has less volume than the Dob70.

I had to soften her new boot, and the flex seems very good with the modification. The boots can be softened more, but I’d like to wait until she skis in them a few time before that is done. I feel comfortable with this compromise (a boot at the stiff end of things, but a relatively good fit) because she is an aggressive and technically sound skier.

After talking to several boot fitters and a tech rep for a boot company, it seems that the issues for my daughter's boots are not that uncommon. However, it appears that this issue is not common enough for the boot manufactures to lower the sizes of boots which have the adult din lugs.

Lou, I appreciated your offer, but from your emails, it didn't seem that you had anything different from what we had already done by the point I had posted. Maybe next time.
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