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Sorry you are so upset Rick.
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As someone said before, "you get what you pay for". Would a ski school send out a dozen instructors with one student? Would that student get different opinions and answers to their questions?

I hear what you are saying and I empathize with you. Just don't know there is a palatable solution, though as you know, there are some honorable attempts in the works as we speek!

It is easy to identify the problem... the solution is another animal.

I think if there is a black and white issue it will become tranparent to the average viewer (lurker) who will see through the bunk and find the truth. If on the other hand there is some doubt, the pursuing debate should prove riveting as the two sides defend and define their views. Thought the two sides may never reach an agreement the followers of the thread will inevitably form opinions and decide for themselves the merit of both arguments and their sources. This is how I have formed my opinions about the frequent posters in the ski technique forums. Though I have not skied with you I would summize that you are a good skier with a great deal of valuable knowledge who communicates it quite well and would not hesitate to reccommend your services. But hey, what do I know?
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Bud has a point though (post 117). I for one would not respect the contributor who proclaimed they were the one true source of knowledge in any subject. IMO throwing everyone under the bus does nothing to increase the signal. It's part of the noise...
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If I've been bunked does that make me bad? I like big words.
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Hey if you are referring to me I bunked you in jest and your post was in the same light.

So if bunk gets bunked doesn't it reveal a truth ?
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