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worn boots question

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The toe on my Nordica Grand Prixs are starting to be pretty worn. Is there any way to have this fixed/maintained in order to lengthen the boot's life?

thanks lots,
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As mentioned, some boots have replaceable sole components. If not have a shop use the boot sole guage to find out how bad they are. If they are out of the limits it is best advised to replace. A poor boot/binding interface can cause retention/release issues.
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You might look for someone offering sole shaving services (boot sole canting so you can take your cant with you from ski to ski). They have a plastic they "weld" to the top ledge of the soles and then grind parallel with whatever changes they've made to the bottoms of the soles so they can maintain DIN sole thickness requirements. They may be able to repair worn soles. I imagine their services will be expen$ive.
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With all the new user friendly and more comfortable boot offerings for next season, now might be the time to get some new ones.

If you have 4-5 seasons or about 200 days of skiing, you have done pretty well with those boots, and you owe your self the latest and greatest.

Remember, professor, lesson #1: Fit is just about everything!
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