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How do you set your car/truck/SUV up for ski season? - Page 2

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Clean the inside of the windows.

RainX the outside of the windows.
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Originally Posted by learn2turn View Post
Clean the inside of the windows.
Not looking forward to this, but I should do it this weekend. Lots of glass.
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Put box on top and snows on wheels. I'm good.
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1998 Audi Avant
Put on studded Hakkapeliitta 2 tires, all four wheels as soon as Oct. 1 comes around. Actually, this year, due to my accident, couldn't drive the car for months, so just waited to start using it again Oct. 1 rather than take the studs off.

No other work needed. Car has passthrough for skis, trunk always has tow rope in it (for others to borrow). Don't remove ice scrapers. What else would I need? Ski area a mere 16 minutes away.
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Anyone switch to winter washer fluid?
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Anyone switch to winter washer fluid?
Is there another kind??
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Yeah, see recent thread about Californians and colored water.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Anyone switch to winter washer fluid?
Absolutely! I also get my tires rotated, with my spare included in the rotation, check the tire pressure, and depth of tread, simonize and the works.
Winter prep is a must when you have to rely on your vehicle to get you to the jobs at 2 AM.
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Got my 4th Saab 2 weeks ago a Brand new Saab Sport combi
My back up is a '92 900 turbo hatch back -- cherry condition 92K miles

reg gear includes: --- winter fluids , Xtra washer fluid, emergency kit , x tra blankets , flare , energy bars , mini shovel and large candles with a large tin can and lotsa ski gear for two people.

We've Been Saabin for 20 yrs with reg issue M&S tires fine for the east been in white -outs many times as well as glare ice . its not unusal here for 35-40 below zero --- these have always got us thru
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Snow tires all around. Winter windshield wipers. Go.

I'm a Saab guy also. Just Sold my 1992 900S -- we now have 2 9-3's 2005 aero and 2006 2T.
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Have a 4-Runner, slap Thule racks on top, down bags/space blankets, shovel, usual cold emergency stuff in back, change the window washer fluid.
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I put studs on the 94 legacy wagon that just rolled 200k a few days ago. Cargo web in back for skis and such, change wipers and winterize the fluids. I put on the the ultimate product for the outside of your windows - auqapel - it roolz and makes rainx seem silly.

Other items:
Cables, Shovel, Sleeping Bag, Candles, Water, Almonds (I'm not a huge fan of bars), extra gloves and a big ol flash light.

Things that haven't been mentioned, but we should all have . . .
A bright colored reflective vest, boot chains and flares.

Most important - a little extra common sense. I am always amazed at the stupidity of people on the side of the road and the lack of respect for the carnage that occurs when a several thousand pound car/truck is out of control.

Have a safe driving winter everyone.
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Interesting comment about the aquapel. Very convincing video here:

People should buy it through the epicski amazon referrer. I'm going to put it in my cart for my next Amazon purchase.
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How about tossing all of those old (last season and older), handwarmers into a bag and hiding them under the seat or trunk.

Yeah, they won't be warm and toasty as new ones, but if you got stuck they could generate some core heat inside your shirt.

I can't understand why these back country snow mobile types don't carry a dozen or so in their boxes? Every time the Weather Channel has a survival story on these guys ...... they got a tank of gas .... and they freeze?

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Some notes:

Winter washer fluid: The stuff Prestone is selling here in NM this season blows. Leaves an ugly oily sheen all over everything. Not cool. I'll try and use it all up ASAP. I'm going to roll-my-own with a strong methanol solution next time.

Tires: Discount tire had a sick deal going on. I bought cheap studded tires this year, could not pass up at less than 200 bucks installed:

Haven't had studded tires in a while, we'll see if I'll be pulling my hair out in march after 10k miles on dry roads listening to 'em.

Hey Yuki, how should I tie down my new jack? I finally got around to picking up a real floor jack (won't have to use that blasted stupid WalMart one on top of 2x6s anymore) but I'm unsure how I should secure an 80 pound steel missile in the back of the truck...
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Originally Posted by Pete No. Idaho View Post
2003 Dodge Ram Diesel 3/4 ton 4x4

Camper shell on
Snow tires on
Adjsutable windshield scraper on
Window defroster arerosol
Granola bars
Diesel Anti Gel fluid
2 extra hydraulic jacks
Blanket and Sleeping bag with pillow
Ski Bag Containing Extras(leave in car all time)
Extra Socks, hat, goggles, sunglasses, hadnwarmer, pants, sweater, gloves
50 foot extension cord (plub in diesel at night if poss)
Small ice chest contain water and soda (so it won't freeze)
Trailer hitch and 20 feet of chain (pulling less fortunate out of snow)
Dude, I want to be on your side when the Second Civil War breaks out ...

Me? The snows go (Toyo Observes) on the Soob and that's about it. Keep a blanket and road flares in there year-round. If I get hungry, I'll look under the seat and find an old french fry. :
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