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Does anyone know if surefoot is the only boot fitters to use this type of fit system . I am in need of some new footbeds but i am not about to pay 200 for them .
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I know that my local pedorthist uses the Amfit system. They're still in the $150-$200 range though.
I think that you'll find that all good orthotics sold on their own without a boot purchase will be in that range.
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good experience with them

I got some Amfit footbeds from Granite Chief at Squaw about 7 years ago, and they've worked great. Have them in my 3rd pair of boots. Granite Chief still sells them: http://www.granitechief.com/services/ (see bottom of list)
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There are quite a few places that have Amfit equipment around North America. You'll find them in pedorthic and O&P centers all over. In the ski market, the largest player with Amfit equipment, by far is Surefoot.

Regardless of who is dispensing them however, the price is going to be about the number you said you were not willing to pay. Sorry.
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