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Anyone see the back cover of SKIING? (Oct 2001 issue)

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It's actually an ad by Burton (The snowboard maker) that shows a fictional newspaperwith an article titled:
"Mad River Glen, Ride it if we could."

They have reproduced an actual article written by a shareholder about the mountain, where the word "snowboarder" has been crossed out in red ink and replaced by "minority"

The whole thing is basically a dig against MRG because they don't allow snowboarders.

I just found it funny and more than a little ironic, since MRG was actually one of the first mountains to allow boarders, and then the boarders themselves screwed it up and got themsleves banned.

Funny how the burton ad doesn't mention that.
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I think it trivializes the (generally) legitimate complaints about discrimination that minorities have. However, I doubt there will be any complaints, considering the ethnic makeup of the ski and snowboard population.
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Milesb.. I felt the same way. Comparing a ski area not allowing snowboarders to racial discrimination absolutely trivializes what minorities have had to go through.
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Funny, when I first read the ad I thought it was from Mad River Glen promoting the fact they don't allow boarders. I have a feeling the ad is going to help the mountain more than hurt it.
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I agree wholeheartedly with you guys about the trivialization point. It was actually one of the first things that popped into my mind.

In the end it doesn't matter though. The MRG co-op really couldn't care less about that sort of pressure, and even if they did it would take a 2/3 vote to change it. Whic isn't going to happen because:

a) Part of the problem that eventually LED to the boarders getting banned was the fact that their dismount technique often cause the single chair to "de-rail", and that wouldn't have changed.

b) You can't get 2/3 of the shareholders to agree the sun is shining at high noon.

I know from personal experience that it's 5 minutes, parking lot to parking lot between MRG & Sugarbush, which DOES allow boards.
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As a Human Resources director at a Fortune 100, I can appreciate the topic. But really, the ad is just a poor ad. To equate snowboard access to a ski hill with the challenges minorities have faced does not make the case for compelling Mad River or anyone else to allow boarders. Never mind the insensitivity and arrogance of Burton in trying to compare real societal discrimination to essentially a play activity for white people with extra cash. Aside for being hard to figure out and visual irritating, the ad will fail to accomplish its goal and may even cost the sport and Burton some credibility.
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Unfortunately, one of the most effective ways to get want you want in this country is to convince people that you are an oppressed minority. Government money and imunity from punishment for crime are just two of the enticing side benefits.

How long before those of us who get hit on the slopes by boarder become subject to incessant rhetoric about how oppressed they have been?
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Who's paying for the ad? A snowboard manufacturer. I'm sure they were completely unbiased in trying to "help" this minority group.
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PinHed, where have you been skiing that you see as much stupid behavior from skiers as snowboarders?
You either ski with a bunch of idiots or the snowboarders on your mountain have taken some special class (or had their lobotomies reversed).
LisaMarie, sounds like you have a pretty serious ideological axe to grind.

The whole issue is ironic since for years I used to take shit from 'park patrollers' for poaching 'snowboard only' jumps and pipes. And I bet there are still some parks not open to skiers.
For some amusement, go over to snowboardermag.com and post this.
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I agree totally about the trivialization point - but it is interesting to me how many of us actually did read the ad, and know it to be done by Burton. As some in the ad biz say - visibiliity is good, even bad visability...
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