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Adaptive Bears?

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Just thought it would be interesting to see if any of you other bears worked in adaptive skiing programs. If so what do you like to teach and what mountain(s) are you at? Any adaptive bears going to the ski spectacular at Breck? This is a great place to exchange ideas on adaptive technique both teaching and skiing.
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I guess I'll start since no one else seems too interested.
I teach/work at Loon in the adaptive program I have taught there and at waterville for the past seven years. I like teaching all areas of adaptive skiing but I prefer working with sitdown skiers. I love getting people out onto the hill when they think that they can't get there. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I have been an Adaptive Instructor for 8 years at Mt. Bachelor,Or. and Hoodoo Ski Bowl in Oregon. Every year I travel to a few different resorts to instruct and trade ideas on Equipment and methods. Mt.B also holds some Adaptive Races. I will be traveling this year to a few West Coast resorts and will attempt to get a Level 3 Adaptive. I have built an Adaptive webpage for our program at Adaptive Skiing
I like to teach sit-ski and enjoy riding in them.
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Okay heres the rub on adaptive Oz

I have been involved in adaptive ski instruction in the past in Oz and would like to again be involved. I will be at Vail SS this winter and intend discussing the options with my SS director. My last special needs assignment was the Australian leg ofRound the World Challenge

I am interested in all types of adaptive skiing. This US winter will probably be just a fact finding and organise for next year mission. I would love to meet up with other adaptive instructors. It is great to now have some contacts via the Epic Ski Forum. I am interested in any news on adaptive "happenings" in Colorado this winter. i.e. The Breck thing.

"rage on regradless"

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Can someone, in just one or two sentences, explain what adaptive skiing is?
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Any person with physical or mental handicaps that require specialized ski equipment.
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Thank You.
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Here is an address for a description of the Hartford Ski Spectacular in Breck. http://www.dsusa.org/winter-hartford-info.htm Sorry that I am not better with this computer stuff or I would make this an active link. The event is early in the season, but is a great chance for adaptive instructors to network and share ideas.
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