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Thigh Burns!!!

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Ya, I'm still alive. Just had to tell everyone that today H.V. was unloaded on by the Lake effect Gods today and I skied in knee deep stuff, and some places up to my thighs. Wasn't the lightest stuff but was an Epic day for all. Roads were bad enough that most people stayed home and there was fresh tracks until mid morning which is rare around here. My xx's were smokin. Powder bumps on Falcon and the Chute were as good as i've ever seen. Eat your heart out Pierre. I had my 20 year old legs on today man. Haven't lost the smile yet.
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wish I could have been following you but we had a good day of spring skiing on Hood. Smooth groomers turning to slush in the afternoon sun.
such is life
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Did they open Mott & Killebrew Canyons? There's great short terrain in there.
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Good for you Lars. Hey ask Pierre about his DCL exam at Schuss Mt., MI with a foot of fresh lake effect up there and only Rossi-T Powers at like 160 to ski in.


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no comment
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Pow Digger, I'm sure if anyone could ski powder with 160's on it would be Pierre, but I saw my friend Andy try to ski two feet plus with 174 T power Viper s's, it wasn't pretty and made for some great moments.

Oboe, I'm guessing by your non comment that the conditions up there have been less than spectacular. By the way, the new Bandit xx i'm on in 184 was absolutely fantastic. Whoever said it wasn't a good bump ski lied. It had great float ability, awesome in the bumps and blew through the afternoon push piles and crud like a knife through butter. Never felt off balance once. Going down the 7 cm's didn't hurt at all, in factI think it made it more versatile for me.
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Nice to hear from you again, Lars. Missed you at Fernie this year. Would have enjoyed making a few turns with you. Glad to hear that you are out enjoying the slopes [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hey Lars, I will be up to see you in March some time. Our powder in Ohio is melting fast. We probably won't last but another week or so.
DCL tryouts in a foot of powder on top of ice with 167 Rossi T powers? I have skied better but at 210 lbs I could power through pretty good. This is the first friggin ski season that I have gained weight while skiing almost every day. Thats discouraging.
I don't think my skiing was even close to my technical knowledge for the tryouts. I felt like a total HACK.
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Pierre, The Valley is actually in very good shape. Even with all the snow we've received they have been making snow right along with it. Should be in good condition till at least the first of the Month. Can't wait to do some bumps with you. I know about the weight thing. I'm 20 lbs. above last years ski season. Doesn't really affect my skiing any eccept I get tired a little sooner. When you come up, I want to pick your brains about Telemarking. I am going to make the jump for next season and would like some tips on equipment, best way to go etc. See you then.

Tag, Good to hear from you. It would have been great to make turns with you guys. I was very envious but couldn't swing two trips in a month so the Whistler trip was priority. Utah next year will be awesome and easier to do for me. Although, it's too far from now to plan. Did you get to ski much with J.W.? Keep in touch.
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Lars, I just got back from a trip to warmer climes but we skied at Seven Springs this week on the way back and it was good, plenty of snow but it was cold until Wednesday, when it was predicted to be in the 60s, so we went home early. I sent you a PM before going on vacation three weeks ago because we had planned to ski Holiday Valley on our way down but the warm spell deterred us.

Pierre, you did take the DCL exam? Good for you! When will you get the results?


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Ott, Ya, I got the P.M. Looked for you. Hopefully we can hook up for some turns before the season ends. Get Pierre and Ed and can have a mini meeting. Skiing has been great lately. Deep pow one day, pristeen corduroy the next. Supposed to be 60 this weekend. Spring bumps, oh ya.
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I spent the day today at Holiday Valley. Nice skiing-especially after the bumps softened up. "The Wall" had lots of snow on it with big soft bumps-I saw one guy fall about 1/3 of the way down and slide on his back almost to the bottom. Nice bumps on Chute and Raven. Did a few Nastar runs-.43 seconds from a gold-DARN! I'll have to get some gate running tips from my daughter.
Too bad HV is a pain in the butt 2 hr drive from Rochester-pretty much all back roads.
Lars-if you see this you should pay us a visit at Bristol sometime-especially if you haven't been there in a while. Your HV pass gets you a half price ticket (as Bristol pass did at HV) All in all a good day of skiing!
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Johnny V., Thanks for the info. Haven't been to Bristol in years but what I remember, it was nice. My family and myself ski free at Holiday so it seems like a waste to ski anywhere else. I guess that's why I haven't been there lately. 68 degrees and sunny today. Nice corn and slush bumps today. Could have gone for shorts today.
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