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Additional Info for Beginner Zone

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There is so much knowledge on this forum and making that knowledge available to people with less skill seems like a great gift to provide. If people know there's a great source of info available and that they're welcomed, it would seem that they would come in greater numbers.
There are some other threads that could be added to this forum that could be helpful, such as:

1) nutrition on ski days, what works for you?
2) Staying hydrated, what do you do?
3) Resorts in different areas that are particularly good for beginners
4) How do you tell when it's time for you to quit for the day?
5) Particular points of ski instruction that beginners usually trip over
6) Pointers for getting on/off lifts

No doubt there are a lot more. If any of you think this would be additional helpful info, perhaps you could start a thread in this forum on one or more of these topics.

It can be intimidating to get into skiing if you don't know a lot or have people around you who do. I took up skiing 3 years ago, only because my husband wanted me to, and to his chagrin I've become a fanatic.

But the reason I was able to enjoy that first lesson at Alpine as much as I did was because he was an experienced skiier who made sure I had the right equipment, the right clothes, etc. And, as luck would have it, I also ended up with a fantastic instructor in a great class of people.

Having discovered what it's actually like (very different from my original perception), I wish more people (especially women) could experience it also.

All the best........
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Welcome to epic and thanks for the topics. It sounds like you did everything right for the first experience on skis and I am glad it worked out for you so well. Taking a lesson(s) was the smartest part of that first experience and I hope you continue to take lessons. Feel free to start a related thread if you have questions or comments that you would like to share. This forum is not for instructors only to start related threads, so you or anyone else should take advantage of this resource. I am shure other people who are considering taking up skiing would be interested in your experience and are thinking of many of the same questions/information that you posted.

Best of luck,

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