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Anyone have a bad sale/purchase here?

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I was just wondering if anyone has had a bad sale or purchase from another bear? I have bought and sold many items and have never had a problem but I was wondering if there should be a "list" if there were problems?
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If you read the T&C's of the Gear Swap section, there are a few guidelines. It seamed that any time there was a situation it was with a "new" member, someone who joined just to sell something. This is an area we have tried to keep an eye on and minimise any Bears exposure. I think there was an isolated case a few years back involving some Salomon 1080s' or something.
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From a buyer/seller standpoint, I have not had any bad experiences.

As a moderator/admin, I can say that we had one complaint, from someone who did business with someone with (1) post count, and no history, which is when we/Phil got aggressive about making sure that there was a minimum post count to be able to list something.

We/he took some heat at first but I think its worked out well overall.
Phil and Cirque do a good job of watching for Hit and run, sellers.

In the end, EpicSki just provides a classified section, and the Bears have treated it and each other respectfully.
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your advice is good. I sold a pair recently to a low count bear and was a little leary. All worked out fine, no issues, good guy. I do ask low-counters how they found me.
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I got ripped off a few years ago on a pair of gloves. I sent money, never got the gloves. He said he sent them "to whatever address you gave me."

That's the only time I lost any money.

I've bought a few pairs of skis and not had any problems - at least not any problems that I lost money on.
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I've never sold or bought anything here, but have sold and bought a ton of stuff on TGR, and had nothing but good/great experiences.

Just fwi, I don't buy from people with super low post counts, or people that strike me as being sketchy. I also take people's description of used items with a grain of salt unless it is someone who I know to be honest. Incidentally, I have found most people at tgr describe things as being in worse condition than they actually are. Most of the time you get things for a great price, and are pleasantly surprised at the condition.

However, it is very hard to get ripped off selling to someone. You make sure they pay you before you ship the item and you're good, thats all there is to it.

This thread is a great example of the way things should work. Multiple things pretty much given away multiple times, all one big circle of charity and generosity. http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=93956
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