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boot fit

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I am experiencing some heel pop up in my boots every now and then, like when I hit a bump by surprise at speed. I haven't noticed it until this year with my new skis which are a little heavier than my old ones. I generally don't like to crank my boots too tight, my toes stay warmer and the flex seems softer. What can be done to correct this? The boots are a few years old, extremely comfortable and I don't want to replace them just yet... p.s. I generally wear medium or medium-light socks (pop-up is more noticeable with the thinner socks...)
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What boot is it? Have you done any modifications to the shell or foot beds? How noticable is the movement?
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Salomon Evolution 7's, women's boot. I have custom foot beds. They're the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. No mods to the shell. My toes hit the front just right, etc.

The lift is only slight I think, but it feels to my imagination that I'm flying out of them which I know I'm not. I don't lose control or anything. It just startles me. If I am standing around on flat ground I can lift a little.

If I buckle down tighter, I lift a little less when standing. But then the boots seem stiffer, which makes it harder to stay in the right stance and my toes get cold quicker.
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you may need to see if someone could put ankle shims on the liner if they are not fitted with them already. Your heal may also be to high in the pocket. go back to your boot fitter and see what they can do about tightening up that pocket. You might have to just crank down on the but a bit more.
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They can easily pull the liner and solve the problem.

The fix is usually an inverted "U" shaped piece of sticky foam padding over the ankles on the liner.
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Your problem can very likely be solved with heel lifts. I can't be sure but you sure sound like a candidate. The heel lift would go between the liner and the foot bed instead of between the liner and the boot board.
The heel lift opens up your ankle more and moves your foot higher up in the liner where the fit is much more snug. For a trial just stuff anything in there, say about 4 trail maps. You probably need between 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Good boot fitting places have the lifts available if the fix works.

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I tried stuffing a pair of Dr.Scholls gel heel cushions in there and yep, significantly less pop-up! That and the medium socks...I'll give it a try. Thanks! If not, then I'll make a trip to Ski Barn for a fitting...
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I had the same problem with Salomon W-Wave 9.0's. Had tongue padding added (molded EVA glued to tongue) and a shim added to either side of the ankle just above the heel. I've been told to avoid adding padding over the heel, directly on the achilles heel, unless you really need it there. The combination of these two things really stopped my heel lift (was same as yours), tightened up the feel in the heel cup, and my ankle doesn't have as much lateral play inside the boot. Much tighter integration between foot and boot. Good luck. It was only about $50 US for an hour of the tech's time and materials.
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As mentioned!...pull the liner & add the foam..& Stay with the ultralight socks, they give one so much more feedback...
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