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Oboe, I'm not a very good skier yet (I describe myself as a middle-of-the-road intermediate) so my response to that problem may make instructors blanch, but here it is.

One of my favorite catwalk games/tools is a half-sideslip: point the skis about 30-45 degrees away from my direction of travel and use edges to control speed. Tiny movements in CM, or ski 'roll' or 'yaw' can give you tremendously precise speed control. I try to see how far I can go before my path deviates, see how smoothly I can pivot slip to the other side, see how smoothly I can convert to a turn when the opportunity arises, see if I can slip all the way past the person in front without ever getting near them, all sorts of things.

So, good idea? bad idea? Offensive or defensive? Any feedback?
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So, good idea? bad idea? Offensive or defensive? Any feedback?
Depends. Those things you are suggesting can be done with defensive movements or offensive movements. Short of watching you ski we don't know what kind of movements you use. Those are excellent things if done with offensive movements.

By the way if you ever attend a Epic gathering or meet another bear you will have to introduce yourself as ahhh Flopping Carp? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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(Flopping Carp?) Uh, sure, sounds great. I have not yet been instructed in pivot slips and will seek to be. In side slipping exercises, I am not the greatest. My CM seems to be such that I go forward, not down as I should. I'll work on that.

FC, it sounds like you're a skier at my level. I hope we'll being talking more often.

Thanks for the tip. I've suspected that the answer you've given is what the experts do so well when they're not carving.
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defensive skiing is..

imagine a foggy, rain/sleet day where visibilty is shot. cant see terrain, socked in hard, and snow is variable.

now imagine a bluebird pow/packed pow/ sweet fresh groomed day with no crowds and several good buddies.

the first example is a day where you would be skiing defensive. no confidence in edge hold, and little confidence in your self to see terrain and make adaptaditions. Defensive skiing is not good and is way more prone to injury.

the second example is where we all want to be. Confidence is super high, feeling strong, pushing your self. After all, the level that each of us are skiing at is a reflection of our confidence level.

All of us know that allready though.
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