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HEAD Mojo 80 top sheet crack?

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I recently ordered a pair of unused unmounted HEAD Mojo 80 skis. While they are beautiful from arms length, as soon as I got up close I noticed an ugly blemish on the top sheet of one of the skis.

To my untrained eye, it looks like a crack in whatever epoxy material the topsheet is made from. It is perfectly straight, from one side to the other, and if the ski is flexed, appears to open and close. Sometimes it is totally invisible, but if the light hits it right, its pretty obvious- like a crack in a sheet of glass.

Ill try and post a pic, but you can also see it here:

I emailed the retailer and he said "I am sure this is a join in the top sheet from the factory and not a blem. I will check tomorrow if the other skis have this and get back to you"

Has anyone experience anything similar or have any suggestions? I'm concerned primarily about the integrity of the ski and if a refund is in order.
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go to www.head.com and get the contact name for the USA. They are in CT. E-mail them the picture and see what they say, Without seeing the ski, its tough to say but I don't think that's the way it's supposed to look.... Good Luck WHere did you order from?
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Ordered from www.helmettown.com. The prices seem right and the customer service has been on par. The just wrote me back agreeing it did not look right and would replace it... all I have to pay is s&h. D'oh!
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Glad its being addressed but I don't think you should have to pay if it's defective.
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thinking head should eat the s&h
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Yeah, if they agree the ski is defective, you shouldn't have to pay the extra S&H. It's either their issue or Head's issue, they shipped you a defective product.
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Cosmetic defect in the topsheet isn't a warranty issue. Not saying this means they shouldn't pay shipping, just saying you aren't entitled to jack.
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