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Atomic CS heel fit

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I bought a pair of used CS's last year, and with the help of a dremmel in a couple of spots , I was able to get a real good fit except in the heel where I get a lot of pinching on the side of the foot I pronate to. The heels can't be ground anymore. I'm out of plastic.

I have a Amfit footbed in the boot. I changed footbeds when I went skiing last spring , and I just tried the boots on over the weekend without a footbed, and there was absolutely no pinching in the heel. Test for me , is walking in the boot . With the footbed in, its painful to walk in the boots. It made me wonder if I would be better off if I could find a thinner footbed regarding the heel pinching. I was wondering, if this is a situation you see fairly often with a pretty tight fit to begin with , the thickness of the footbed causes pain. I have the heel shimmed a bit , to try and offset the pronation that I thought was contributing to the problem. Any inputs greatly appreciated.
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can you thin the bottom of the heel of the amfit?
usually they are 3mm, make it 1mm thick
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i would go with the footbed thickness, or is it that the grind is too low in the heel pocket, can you grind a little higher up, if you need a little more than you can get from the footbed, then it may be possible to grind a bit off the base board
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sometimes the Amfits can be molded very high on the sides (so trim them lower) and might be getting pinched in by the narrowness of the boot?
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another really good point thet mntlion points out, the atomic heel is very tight, the footbed is probaly just too wide for the shell...you can check this by placing the footbed in the shell without the liner, there needs to be a couple of mm space [thickness of the liner] if it is tight then it needs to be made narrower
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Thanks Mt. Lion and CEM for the inputs and explanations. I'm going to check out the width of the foot bed in the shell without the liner. I have a hunch after reading this the width of the footbed in the heel pocket is the issue. Pretty easy fix I think. Plus I called the ski shop yesterday and my Hotronic defective batteries are in. Now for an early winter.
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Put the footbed in the shell only and slide it into the heel pocket check for interference on the sides of the heel area
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Technically, Amfit orthotics can be milled down to 1.6mm minimum. Even if you select 1mm, it will still only cut down to 1.6mm. If you want it even thinner, you have to place the blank on a thin piece of material to lift it closer to the milling head, or sand the bottom after milling.
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you are obviously involved with Amfit in some way so thanks for the infomation, it is useful to know the tolerences of the mill........ BUT this is a thread from 2 years ago in an area of the forum which technically you are not meant to respond in!!!

any chance you can explain why i see lots of the amfit product with an everted heel... is it operator error, or the way the blank is set in the mill???

personally not a product i have used but i do see lots of them, and this seems to be the one common problem that i see
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