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Fischer RX3

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Can anyone tell me about these skis? I just purchased a pair for my teenage son, who is a solid East Coast intermediate...seemed that $150 for new skis and bindings (FS10) was a pretty good deal.

From the descriptions that I could translate (Google searches don't come up with anything in English), it looked like the skis were comparable to the RX4. They did come with the Railflex2 system which I'm not sure is available on the RX2s.

I realize that they are more of an intermediate ski, but my son's relatively light at this point so I'm not too worried about him overpowering them.
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Great ski for someone that isn't too heavy and/or aggressive. Excellent choice for agressive kids up to about 110lbs or intermediates to 150lbs. I think you did real well!
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After checking the dimensions, I actually think that these are comparable to the RX2s...oh well, guess I'll have to sell these if they end up being too lightweight for him.

At least they didn't cost a lot...
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This isn't too helpful and doesn't answer your question, but my understanding of this ski is that it was never imported to the US by Fischer. (The US got the RX2 and RX4.) Sorry I can't be more helpful, but this may explain why google turned up nothing in English.
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