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Is it undo-able?

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I have a couple of pairs of Salomon X-Wave 10's, with the last pair only having about 10 days on them, before I bit-the-bullet, and bought the correct boot for me in terms of flex, size, etc., rather than what was on sale (the Salomons).

The left boot is box stock, but the right one has had the ankle pocket blown out, and the liner cross-cut, with a donut placed in the area where my ankle usually pounded the shell.

My older son is close to the right size for these boots, and I think he might like them, but I wonder whether there's any way to undo the Frankenstein mods that have been done to it (i.e. reshape it back for a normal human).

Is this do-able, or do some almost new boots go in the dumpster? Thanks for your thoughts.
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Some almost new boots do go in the dumpster, but it is more because the owners don't make the effort to get rid of them. Someone almost certainly can use the boots. It is also sometimes possible to get the punches to move in a little (sometimes a lot) by reheating them.
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dont worry about the liner cuts, they will reshape in a few minutes if the new foot shape doesn't need them

remove the donuts

heat the shell in boiling water and the punch will come down a bit.
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Thanks for your advice. I'll give it a shot.
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depending on how the punch was put in in the first place, it may take a little more than boiling water, but that is where i would start, the x wave plastic moves quite nicely in that area
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You said your oldest son is close to the right size, are we playing horse shoes? If the boots don't fit him don't use them. It would be uncomfortable or painful using boots that almost fit. If it's money rent the proper size until your boots fit.
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