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Recommended Teachers for Private Lessons Tahoe

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I am a mid-level blue skier trying to improve. I've taken group lessons but noticed how much improvement came from a couple of privates that I took at one point in Park City. I ski at various Tahoe resorts. A couple of Epic members recommended a woman teacher at Alpine for privates (very hard to book with). Does anyone have any ski instructors they would particularly recommend for private lessons for someone at my level? I have only skiied on groomed blue slopes with the most difficult being Shirley Lake Express at Squaw. :
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I think Bud Heishman is from that area.

You can also check the Instructor listing for instructors. Cirquerider might be able to help also.

Never too early to plan ahead.

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David Chan, from epic, DCHAN, works out of Sugar Bowl. I really enjoyed my lesson a couple years ago.
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Ski Instructor

I have a friend who is a great ski instructor. Lives in Auburn Calif and spen ds the whole winter up at Tahoe. Used to teach at Sugar Bowl, PSIA instructor. Don't want to put his phone up here. PM me and I'll put you in contact.
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Why not book the best? Mike Rogan is at Heavenly, and if you PM Nolo, I bet she can set you up. Robin Barnes might be a possibiltiy. both are ESA instructors in Tahoe and if you can get them, you would have an incomparabl experience. Wade Holiday could take you to the next level with ease and normally skis at Sugar Bowl, but can probably do Squaw. I really enjoyed my day with him, and he is very flexible in finding where your level is and working forward from there. You might even meet Eric Deslauries. Bud Heishman is a Level III instructor and very good skier that will probably start with an evaluation of your equipment and alignment. If you don't know how to contact any of these people, let me know, and we'll pass them your contact information.

Be sure to see the EpicSki Instructor Listings for more contacts.
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Thank You for Suggested Instructors - Much Appreciated!

Thanks for the responses; I appreciate the references. Can't afford to ask for help from all of those people but will keep them in mind. For the various people who have offerred helpful advice - many, many thanks!!!
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I can only offer you three names all at Heavenly. The afore mentioned Mike Rogan. Robin Barnes who also teaches our Epicski Academy, and Lynn Gorski. Lynn wasa big loss for us at Stowe when she moved out to Tahoe. I'd recommend her without hesitation. I expect you could book any of them through the Heavenly ski school desk.
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Again, thanks for these responses. I now have more references than I could possibly use next season but that was my objective. I had the name of one person last season and I couldn't get a lesson with that person no matter how hard I tried because she was so complelety booked. Have been looking at clinics but have been advised by a few people that focusing on some privates would be best to most effectively move forward.
This group has a wealth of information to offer. I belong to SkiDiva and love that forum but there have been no recommendations from anyone there (not as many CA Divas..). In contrast, there are a lot of people who are very familiar w/Tahoe instructors on this forum. I appreciate being able to ask for help here and want to thank people for the help/advice they have offerred.
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I also add thanks to everyone for their recommendations because I'm thinking of doing the same this year. The Heavenly recommendations are particularly useful to me because that's where I ended up buying a pass this year.
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