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Sizing Kids Skis?

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Need to get the ankle biters sized up for the upcoming season.
I am going to order online.
Should I just measure up to their chin and use that for the order measurement for the ski?
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Hi Deemo,

Some youth skis are overly stiff and intended for racing. While others are so cheaply made, as to the point of being useless.

Tell us more please, how old, weight, height, how often do they ski. I assume this will be for the easy runs at SSV, LL and other local resorts.

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Thanks Micheal.
They are boy girl twins and I have had them skiing since the age of three.
Every year it seems like they have the same crap at the local ski shops here just to cater to the adults and have your kids geared up and out in the least amount of time.
Typically there is only one or two to choose from and likely provided very cheaply to the shop for pushing their line of adult skis. Usually Volkl at the one I frequent.

The kids are 11. He weighs 100lbs and she weighs 80lbs. Both are 4'10".
Both are intermediate and can handle black diamond pretty well.
Skiing almost exclusively at SSV due to a yearly family pass.
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Chin to nose.
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For comparison...

My 4'10", 10 year old daughter was on 136 K2 Apache Jrs and Public Enemies last year. K2s measure long compared to other brands. This year, her quiver will add 143 Line Celebrity Minis, and she may move to the 146 Apache Jrs I have waiting in the wings.

My 4'5", 7 year old son will be on 128 Rossignol Bandit Jrs and 131 Fischer Riu Jrs this winter. His 4'2" twin will be on 118 Rossignol Bandit Jrs and 119 K2 Juvys.

For their skill levels, I'd guess that the Bandit Jrs (138s, probably) are an excellent all-around bet in the Rockies. If you can find old-stock 136 Apache Jrs, those would probably be great as well, but you want black ones, not red -- the red are just a renamed beginner/intermediate ski.
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You might want to see if you can find a Dynastar Troubled Youth for the boy. Maybe the girl too, but she could be better flexing a K2 Missy.
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