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Spy Orbit vs. Smith Prodigy

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Hey guys,
I'm goinf to buy my first pair of goggles and I'm lookign at the Smith prodigy or Spy Orbit's. What's your opion on each of them.

Spy Orbit

Smith Prodigy

Thanks for your help.
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I got the Prodigys, haven't been able to try them out on the snow yet, but they are very solid goggles, and look pretty nice. They are pretty big compared to the other goggles I have, but not so much taht it would be a problem.
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I bought some Orbits off SAC last year, tried them on and sold them immediately due to the reflections and refracting lines I got when sun hit the lens (orange mirror). I have some Prodigy goggles with the Sensor Blue Mirror lens, and they are great on storm days. No fogging and great optics. Prodigy seems to accommodate a larger face. You should have at least 2 different goggles specific for dim cloudy weather and bright sunny days. Its too hard to change lenses, and the cost of extra lenses is about the same as the entire goggle on a sale price.
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I agree with cirque regarding the "get two" plan. There's a big gulf between white out and open sun at 10K feet. OTOH, I have not tried the very newest photo-chromatic ones. They at least look interesting.

Regarding the original question. The past couple years I've been a fan of Adidas Yodais and Spy Orbits. I've heard great things about the Prodigies (and I'm too lazy to check, but I think one of my kids has been using them & likes them). I don't think you can go wrong with any of these -- just get the right lens for your purposes and pick the one that fits you best (and fits your helmet if you wear one).

As cirque points out, watch SAC for the Orbits and Prodigies - and save maybe +/- 70% if your favorite pops up.

Oh yeah - just to repeat - get the one that fits you without gaps at the nose or cheek, tight spots, helmet bind up, etc..
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I have Spy and Smith. I like the Spy Persimmon lens best overall but it is not really great of totally flat low light days. My wife's cousin 'borrowed' the Spys and they have not come back yet - but she rated them as well.

I do not have Prodigy but Phenoms as they fit my face/ helmet better. The Phenom is great, good lens, doesn't fog very often and clears quickly if it does. Vents seem to make a difference on hotter days.

Phenom Turbo is excellent for cold foggy or snowy days, I get pretty hot and they stop the fogging that I sometimes used to get during this type of weather, especially when hiking during snow fall.

I have the Polarised Rose Copper Lens in the Phenom which is great for everything from low light to bright sunny days. This is one of the best eyewear lens tints I have ever used - the clarity is awesome.

Sensor Mirror lens in the Phenom Turbos - great for low flat light through to moderately bright. A pretty good lens but not as good as persimmon (Spy).

Platinum Mirror - The turbo version of the Rose Copper without the polarisation. Awesome lens but to be honest I do not use it very often because when it is bright enough to use it it is normally warm enough that I do not get fogging so I use the normal Phenoms with the Polar Rose Copper lens.

RC36 - like the persimmon good for all round conditions, great clarity and contrast. Not as good as the Polarised Rose Copper at the low light end of the use spectrum (but half the price).

Yellow lens - the best for really really flat light where there is no chance of sunlight ie seriously overcast, heavy fog/ low cloud or heavy snow. Great snow contrast in these conditions. Used for racing when they are almost at the 'should we call the race?' point.

I cannot be bothered with the scratches and finger prints of 'quick' lens changes and quite often ski with both pairs (one in pocket). I believe that in the long term having two pairs of goggles saves on damage to lens through changing them.

A caution with Smith lens (printed on the instructions) do not wipe the inside of the lens when it is damp - it damages the anti-fog coating. One can blot it with a tissue/ napkin or a good lens cloth (spanky works well) to remove post crash snow.

Try them on with your beanie/ helmet and get the model that best suits your face shape (ie size/ curve/ nose etc). If you can get the sales then get two as it makes sense in the long run.
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