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Boot Recommendations

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I am currently a blue level skiier (comfortable at mid level, working at high level blues). I have Atomic B50 boots which I've been told are too large. Lots of foot pain last season. Clearly need custom footbeds. The following bootfitters have been recommended: Jim Shaffner, StartHaus Truckee, Cosmos Footwerks - Truckee, California Ski Company - Berkeley, Nor Cal Sports - Lafayette. Got some help from a bootfitter at the end of last season; not fully effective. Very intense pain bottom of feet, high arches, definitely pronate, wide feet. Plan to get custom footbeds and would like to get boots that fit properly and will help me progress to higher levels. Any further recommendations?
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Jim is very good, I've heard. Another nearby would be our own Bud Heishman in Reno.
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Specific boot model recommendations?

Recently got custom footbeds -- need to ski in them but expect they will help a lot. My existing boots - Atomic B50s. I am an intermediate woman skiier trying to improve. My existing boots appear to have been somewhat damaged by one set of bootfitters trying to create more volume (right foot smaller than left foot).

I tried on Nordica Olympia SM 8 or 10 and they seemed to fit well although right heel needed some kind of adjustment.

I am 5'4", about 135 lbs, ski about 25 days/year but will be skiing more this next season and am focused on improving. I have high volume forefeet, high arches, generally wide feet (the Atomics aren't bad as they are for wide feet).

Any specific recommendations for boots to look at?
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First, I would say a higher level boot would accellerate your skiing progress and we should be able to alleviate your foot pains one way or another. The reccommendations you received are very good, (although I am not familiar with Ca. ski co. or Nor Cal sports). I would be happy to help you out if you can get to Reno. (775) 323-9463. All of our new boots are arriving and we have some good deals on last years models too. Let me know if I can help you?

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Perhaps the Dalbello Electra? I hate reccommending boots without seeing your feet but there are certainly boot models that are lasted to meet your needs. We carry Dalbello, Nordica, Atomic, Salomon. Be sure to choose a boot that is above your ability level now as this will help you advance. We offer boot balancing at a discount to customers who purchase boots from us too. This will also maximize your improvement potential.
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