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Snowboard Racks

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I'm looking to purchase several snowboard racks to mount on the wall -- single and double. Any recommendations?
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Why buy when you can build your own?

Here's a fancy storage rack idea from Tognar (scroll down). But a mat on the floor and a dowel rod into the wall would do just as good for a stand up system, or two dowel rods for a lay flat solution would work too.
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Bordz-UpTM offers a Gravity Suspention Snowboard Rack in both a single and a double version:the GSR1000 and the GSR1002.  Its a three point gripping system that hangs the snowboard(s) vertically and flush against the wall.  For a little more money you can purchase the GSR1000P which is a pivoting rack so you may display both sides of the snowboards and pivot the board flush when conserving space.  Check out our products at
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