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K2 Fujatives

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Hey guys this is my first post but i got a question.

I live in western PA and i ski a good bit through out the season, I mainly ski at the resort 1 hour away (7 springs for the locals) and sometimes up to Holiday Valley in NY. Im an intermediate skill skier and im looking for new skis, at a local ski sale i saw the K2 Fujatives on sale for dirt cheap and ive been looking for a new twin tip. The skiing here isnt the greatest in the world (no 2 foot deep powders or cliffs so i ski on groomed stuff 90% of the time and i spend a little bit of the time in the park but not my whole day. I'm 5'7" and a little under 160 lbs. I was looking at the 161 cm's. Are these the right skis for my conditions and size/weight? Any other suggestions. I'm really tight on money and cant afford anything real expensive (let alone i dont need anything terrific). Thanks guys!
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i don't really know much about these skis (never skied on 'em), but from what i've read online, they have a good amount of flex, so if you aren't spending most of your time in the park, they aren't really what you want.
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like what the previous poster said, these are primarily park skis, so unless you're doing a lot of park, these probably aren't for you. how much can you spend on a pair of skis?
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well seeing i dont live somewhere where thet skiing is the best, not a whole lot so id say $300 or less (new or used), would ebay be a good bet to find a decent pair? if so what kind? And for further info, we dont have much powder, usually groomed or cruddy/lose...
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k2 puts out the public enemy, which is a good park/all-mountain ski. on teton gravity, i know a guy is selling a pair of 04-05 public enemies for $100+shipping without bindings. if you could pay for bindings, which you could get for $100ish, you could have a good setup.
check them out.
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oh wow that is a great deal. is that kinda set up like ebay (transaction wise?)?
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it is a killer deal...i almost bought them myself, but i've got two other deals on the table. you would most likely buy them through paypal, which is an online transaction site, which uses email addresses, and is totally confidential. i can contact the guy for you if you're interested, but you'll want to get a teton gravity account so you can talk to him about it.
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Hold on, one more question. I believe the ski is called a Salomon Flyer. http://www.cbssportsstore.com/sm-sal...i-2293053.html
Once again it says "Terrain: Park and Pipe" but it also mentions freestyle. Does that Mean i could use it outside of the park as well?
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nope. freestyle means a ski that will be used primarily in park and pipe. freeride is a ski that is primarily used in a all-mountain/back-country situation. btw, this guy selling the public enemies email is tim.kelliher@gmail.com
he's still selling them.
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