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Mike_M in NZ

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Mike_M is down in New Zealand just now. He managed to find his way to an Internet cafe and drop a few photos to me. I promised I'd post them up for him, jealous tho I am... :

The entire (Google mapped) album is here: http://picasaweb.google.com/steve.hultquist/Mike_MInNZ

From his e-mail to me:

Originally Posted by mike_m
Had to find a computer to send you greetings from 15,000 miles away! I'm in an internet cafe in Wanaka. Beautiful little town on a huge lake with mountains all around. The snow is only on the top of the peaks (where we ski) and it's warm enough to walk around town with just a fleece on. Send me your e-mail address and I'll forward some photos another instructor took from the ski area. The white stuff you'll see in the valley is clouds! We ski above them! Some terrific clinicians here. I've had one week with each. Glad I came. Tough terrain here: steep, icy, narrow gullies, bumps. You'd love it!
Here are the pictures:

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Treble Cone has a slideshow of photos on their home page if you want to see more the ski area where Mike is spending his month. They just got a foot of fresh snow at the base overnight, and a couple of foot up the top. So he will be having his first taste of NZ powder today - which is probably a bit heavier than what he is used too.

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He mentioned the terrible day he had today in an e-mail earlier. Something about having to go to work in a foot of fresh. And later the surprise that it was more like 2. So, there you do. Poor guy. Don't you feel for him? :

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Hi, Steve!

Thanks for posting the photos! Yeah, yesterday was tough!

Great instructor training down here. The hill is tough and the clinicians are first rate. Spent a week with Steve Smart (Canadian demo team and examiner; amazing skier and clinician) and two with Emily Smith (PSIA examiner from Vail). The focuses are subtly different from U.S. training and really augment it. The major difference is the heavy emphasis on activity of the outside support foot/leg. There's also lots of work on timing and efficient use of flexion/extension and constant activity/movement starting with the feet. Big emphasis on balance. This mountain really lets you know if things are working.

The head of the program, Dean Hunter, wants to offer more programs for U.S. instructors next year. I highly recommend a trip here if folks can schedule three or four weeks away from home. Their website is www.rookieacademy.com if anyone's curious.

Back in a few weeks!
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