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SLC/gold in the hills?

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What are the chances that the US team will shine and who do you predict will have that golden moment (or silver or bronze)?

Erik Schlopy, Daran Rahlves.... Chad Fleischer?

Kristina Koznick, Sarah Schleper.........
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Not to rule out Maier yet, but if he does not compete at the Olympics, I'd say Daron Rahlves has a very great chance at the gold. As for women...uhm...Kristina Koznick? Is picabo still in the running?

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Chances not as good as in previous Olympics regardless of whether or not the Hermanator competes. The team has 1-3 three potential medal winners, with little depth of talent.

Maybe one or two more may arise to the occassion since this is the USA . That's always a possibility, but right now a prayer.

We need to do well in these Olympics not only in mdeals, but in how they games come off. This will send an additional message to the world of who we are. No Afgan bobsled teams if you please !!!!!
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Picabo is currently listed on the A Team roster.

It's always a matter of who "peaks" at a given moment and who has a bad day and makes a minor mistake.

We have always been way behind the Euros but we have a few medals......... so....

There (hopefully) will not BE an afganistan (along with several other) left to compete.
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Rahlves should have a great shot on this course.

I sincerely hope there are members of the Afganistan team at the games. I would hope that you guys are not small minded enough to think that all Afganis were complicit in this attack.

Or perhaps after we nuke that country to get a small cell of people we should round up every person of arabic descent into internment camps until all terrorism stops.

Do not stoop to the evil of the attackers. They blame ALL Americans for the actions of our government & a few citizens. You folks seem to be doing the same thing.
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This could be an awsome year for the US Ski Team at the Olympics. Evan Dybvig, Travis Ramos, Toby Dawson, Hannah Hardaway, all either won WC events, or placed second last year. Veterans Jonny Moseley, Donna Weinbrecht, and Ann Battelle will all be returning to compete. Moseley will be defending bump gold. Weinbrecht is the most successfull US skier in international competition ever. The Finns might dispute this one but I think Dybvig and Moseley will medal for sure. For the women, I bodly predict Hannah Hardaway will land a big heli and take home Olympic gold, becoming America's sweetheart in the process. She's a hottie!

In aerials, you gotta love the depth on the Men's team. Who would bet against Eric Bergoust? How about Joe Pack? They finished one and two on the WC last year. Brian Currutt and Jerry Grossi have also shown they have what it takes to compete against the world's best. I think Bergy will take home a medal to match his Gold from Nagano.

The racers could do well too. Picabo proved her comeback a reality by besting a big gun international field at an FIS speed event in the US last year. Rahlves will definatly be a strong favorite. Fleischer, Koznick, Schleper, who knows? Americans always seem to rise to the occasion at the Olympics. Who would have predicted medals from Armstrong and Johnson in Serejavo, Roffe, Picaboo, and Moe in Norway? Actually, Johnson did predict his victory, but Moe and Picaboo were just breakin through when they medaled. Armstrong and Roffe? Very unexpected. Americans competeing at home? Expect big things.
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