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Fuel EX 9 vs. HiFi Pro

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Next spring I'm looking for a new ride. I like the 5 inch travel MTB. I already have a Fisher Cake 1 with many upgrades, so I'm familiar with the Genesis geometry.

I'm trying to compare the Trek Fuel EX 9 to The Fisher Hi Fi Pro. Right now, I'm leaning toward the EX 9 because it is spec'd with an XO rear derail. From the reviews I've read it seems like more people favor the HiFi. Its spec'd with XTR derail. So I'd have to swap this.

Anyone, out there qualified to comment on these bikes?
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You are aware that X.0 and XTR are totally incompatible, right. I mean yo can't just change the R. Der. as the cable pull ratio is different. You'd have to change the shifter too. Anyway, the '08 Fuel EX is really nice. They've changed the suspension a lot bringing it from archaic to pretty much state of the art. That said, I think the HiFi would make a better race bike. They'd both be good, but I think the HiFi would be better.
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Yes I'm aware. Thats why I was leaning toward the Trek with SRAM/XO specs. Also, I'm not sure I want to go with the Manitou shocks on the HiFi. I like Fox rear shocks, I think the small bump compliance is better.

The Fox forks, had some problems with leakage problems. So, I'd probably send it off to PUSH industries for a rebuild.

On either, I'd have to replace the tires. Last year I did a double blow out in a rock garden on the Jones XCR's. Not fun during a race with one tube, running tubeless.

Maybe I should just get one of those clearanced Fat Possum's and ride/race my Cake for another year.:
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I personally have had great luck with both Fox and Tubeless. I've used Michelin, Hutchinson, Maxxis and Schwalbe (but not Bontrager) and haven't had a flat yet. ANyway, I think that the new Trek is gonna be awesome. I love the Specialized FSR rear suspension that I have. I recently rode Whiteroom's Intense 5.5 though... that is a nice bike. It feels pretty racy for a 5"+ travel bike. It might be my next bike.
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I've been running tubeless with Stans for about 3-4 years now. I run King disc hubs, double butted spokes, brass nipples, Bontrager assymetric tubless compatible rims. I like Hutchinson Airlight Spiders in a 2.3. Yes, I race on these. I also have Race light discs, and Race light clinchers, Tubless compatible.

I run a 2.0 Specialized Roll-X tubeless rear and a 2.15 IRC Mibro tubeless front on my other trail bike. (The Roll-X is bigger) These are heavy but hard to distruct.

I have used a lot of different tires. I will probably try some of the new type specific Michelins next. Medium-heavy but hard to distruct.

The Cake is a nice all around trail and race bike. I have it down to about 26 pounds. Not bad for a 5inch travel bike. My gripe about the Cake is the chain suck. I've eliminated the problem by taking out the spacer on the inboard bearing. But, this puts the outer chainring dangerously close to the frame. I haven't had issue with this yet but all it would take is a major hit and it would put the ring into the chainstay. It is pretty easy to saw a hole through Al. It was also spec'd with XT/XTR components. It was all the rage when it was new. I started having shifting problems, discussed it with those in the know, and discovered the low normal XTR derailleurs don't work well in the dirt. Switched to XO, I'm totally sold on XO shifters and derail. As one of my friends says, "they just work."

Specialized makes some nice stuff I guess. I personally am wary of the cables running under the bottom bracket, good place to pick up mud, especially if you are running an XTR low normal derail. I've also seen several of those Al cable noodles get seperated from the frame, (under the bottom bracket,) by a rock, etc.

I would stay away form the high dollar multi pivot frames, like some of the Intense, Santa Cruz models. Unless, you want the bling factor and like replacing pivots. I would consider an Ellsworth Truth for XC type/24 hour racing.
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I'm on Mavic 819s on XTR hubs and use UST tires exclusively. I only have juice in one of my tires (it leaked down overnight, but was rideable without the juice).

edit: juice = Hutchinson Protect'Air which scored very well in the Velonews test.
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Aramid pulp? Interesting. Stays active for 2 years? 3mm is a pretty big hole. For real? Does it ever harden? Does it loosen in wet conditions?

I've tried the Bontrager juice. I thought Stan's better. I heard that there is a new Stan's on the West coast out now with larger latex chunks. How come they get the good stuff first. They should let me and the banshees have it first. We can break anything.:
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