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buying new boots before vs. during trip?

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Need some new boots this year and I live in Atlanta. We have a few shops around here that sell boots, but don't know much about the abilities of local bootfitters. (any opinions on this?). Anyway, I have several SLC trips booked already, just 4 and 5 days each, and I don't want to spend much of my slope time in the shop. Will total about 20-25 days. Ski all over the area, perfer Alta/Bird/Brighton/Snowbasin, occasionally ski PC resorts.

Issues: My feet are a bit wider than normal, and I have had very bad past problems with boots feeling fine in the shop (and even wearing at home for 1-2 hours) and then becoming too painful in forefoot/sides to wear after just 1-2 runs. Now, I'm skiing in some older demo Dalbellos I purchased at Alta a couple of years ago - very comfortable, but too soft and some wierd alignment issues. I am currently working mostly on becoming proficient at moguls and off-piste. Skis: Apache Recon and Crossfire.

So, opinions -- buy boots locally, get them fitted/adjusted after a day on slopes if they need it, or wait and get them at Deep Powder or another shop in SLC area? Other suggestions?

Also, opinions on what boots to consider for wider feet and advanced intermediate level?
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Well, do you want to ski for a complete trip before you get them tweaked? Or do you want to pay to get them tweaked during a trip because they are a problem for one reason or another?

Personally, I think it's worth the likely additional money necessary to be able to drop in each afternoon and get a tweak. Plus, the quality of skill available there is much higher. If you're interested in that, I'm sure the crew here could recommend a fitter or two in SLC.
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I don't know about the quality of fitters in Atlanta, but I will differ with Steve in that I think it is always to a consumers advantage to buy locally, with the caveat that there is a quality fitter.

If not, I can personally recommend Steve Bagley at Snowbird. There are others besides.
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Ideally it would be nice to go to your local ski shop, buy boots and get them set up perfectly,so you won't have to touch them again. This is not the case. I would highly recomend that you go to the resort, buy boots, and have them set them up. Ski with them, if there is a problem you can now go back to the shop and have them fixed. If you buy the boots at home and have a problem, when you go to a shop at the mountain they are reluctant to make the repairs they feel they should because they are now responsable for a boot that they didn't sell you. Plus when you go back home that ski shop wants nothing to do with the boots because someone else messed up your boots. I have worked in ski shops many years and found out the local shops not at the mountain have a tendency to sell you a boot that is comfortable in the shop, but after 5 days the boot is generally to big for you. They made the sale now you are at the mountain ski shop trying to get them to fit. Spend a small amount of time at the mountain shop getting the right fitting boot and you will spend less time trying to get them to fit right. Make sure you get a proper custom footbed to go with the boots. they make the boot fit better and you ski better.
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You guys make a good point that service and fit at the shop where ya bought them is a key. Looks like i'll endure the wait (jonesin' for boots now...) and get them on the first trip.

So... I realize that you can't see me ski or see my foot in the forum, but I would like to start my 'research' by narrowing down my overall choices and studying what boot criteria to look for. Also, knowing that one can't necessarily just shop by brand, does someone want to start me off with some suggestions as to what features to look for in 2007 given these criteria: wide forefoot, looking to ski the entire mountain up to anything excluding extreme territory [no chutes, cliffs]. Includes skiing moguls, trees, blacks/double blacks, off piste. Willing to pay for some good top quality boots.
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I think perhaps Lou's post here applies to your question. What boots have you used and liked (or disliked) in the past?
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Honestly the only boots I have liked in terms of fit have been my current Dalbellos, but they are a very soft boot and I feel my ability level has outgrown them.

I briefly owned a pair of low-end Salomon's before that, and those would cause foot pain due to being too narrow. Before that I rented boots for 10 years or so (intermittent skier). I ski far more now over the past 3-4 years than I did in the past, so I have not yet owned a premium boot.
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Bagley @ the Bird.

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