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Bears and SPD's

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How tight/loose do you have yours set at?
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tight enough. It's not like we have DIN or any other useful units to go by.

I actually use the Time ATACs which don't really have adjustable release. I don't like having pedals that are too loose. When my Time cleats are worn, they start pre-releasing (pull straight out).
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It depends on how new the pedals and cleats are.
When I got my new spd's and cleats, I backed them off, ever so slightly, so a slight twist would get me out.
I tend to lubricate mine after a few rides to make sure they don't seize up. With the wear of 4 years, I've snugged them up a bit. Now I have them set so I have to use a bit more effort to unclip.

From new, I think I backed them of 1/4 turn(maybe, can't remember for sure).
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My shimano 540s are at about mid setting.

Do you have single or multi release cleats? I have the multi. Great for panic situations.
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Time ATAC in the harder to release configuration.
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I keep my left one a little tighter then the right. I always un-clip on the right side when I'm stopping, so I keep that side a little looser so that I can twist out a little easier in a panic-stop situation. It's never been an issue; i.e., I've never been "stuck" and only once have I accidentally pulled out (and I was about to tip over anyway, so it was good to have a free foot actually).
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Eggbeaters. As tight as possible. When I start twisting out of the pedals unexpectantly, its time for new cleats, or new pedals.
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I have mine at the loosest setting. Only once or twice have I popped out w/o cause.
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I keep mine really loose. I can come out whwn I want without even thinking about it adn I seldom, if ever, release unintentionally.
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about 3 clicks from loosest.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
I have mine at the loosest setting. Only once or twice have I popped out w/o cause.
IMO you should run the loosest (is that a word?) setting without unwanted release. Safety first. You don't want to hurt your knees.

Never let one sport ruin you for another. That's what I say.
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