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where ?

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Just found this forum and thought you might be able to help.
I have skied for the past 30 years in France, Austria and Switzeland and have finally decided it is time to try real US powder. We are a family of 5 adults wih 2 experts, one intermediate and 2 blue cruisers. We intend to visit in early March and would like recomendations of a place to ski excellent powder. We can fly dircet into Denver and Salt Lake City from London, would like a spot of night life, beers and reasonably priced food.
Any information would be gratefully received and I might well be able to reciprocate re skiing in Europe.
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Snowmass, Colorado is a great family mtn with all type of terrain, some beer, but with world class apres-ski in nearby Aspen with a multitude of accommodations, very pricey shopping, but a few reasonably priced dining options. We yanks often eat-in at our kitchen equipped accommodations several nights while on holiday to save money. Early March is a prime time to catch some powder in Snowmass/Aspen area. Other fine choices Park City UT, Steamboat CO and Vail CO. Some of the best places for pure powder pursuits are Alta/Snowbird UT and Grand Targhee WY, but they are not tops for apres ski action.
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Hi Jamesj
Thanks for that.
Where would we fly into for Alta/Snowmass, cos it's the powder we are coming for. Also what are the differences in price levels vis a vis, general living expenses, accommdation, gear hire, lift passes etc in the various resorts Would we need to hire a 4x4 or car ?
I have read that Beaver Creek and Aspen are expensive and fashionable, not too interested in Skiing next to Angelina and Brad, powder, a few beers,and some live music will suffice.
Thanks for any information you can give !
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Bestprice points go to Utah. Land in Salt Lake City, stay downtown, drive to tons of mountains within 1/2 hour. For powder must ski Alta,Snowbird,Snowbasin.

Another thought, combine 3 wonderful venues with a little driving: SLC to Jackson Hole 4 hrs., JH to Sun Valley 4 hrs., SV back to SLC 4 hrs. Done it many times and well worth the drives. You may never return to US, so go for variety.
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Now that I clearly understand your priorities – powder, powder, powder, I might suggest you head to Alta/Snowbird, two adjacent Utah ski areas about 25 miles from the Salt Lake City airport. As you may know, they are world renowned for consistently good snow conditions and a high likelihood of frequent fresh snowfall. For a group of five you might try to find a condominium (an apartment with a kitchen) perhaps at a place like this one: http://www.blackjacklodge.com/, or if you want a full meal plan the lodges at Alta are great at that, but you'll pay.
Interestingly, although Alta is renowned for great snow, it is not as pricey as some other elite locations in the US (still not cheap though considering many accommodations at Alta are more rustic than posh). Gpaul's suggestion to go for variety certainly has merit, but if you choose a more concentrated trip and base your entire visit at Alta/Snowbird you could probably get by with a regular car hire, not a 4x4, or even use public bus transportation.
Although not huge by European standards, the combined ski terrain of Alta and Snowbird would keep most people happy for a full week. These areas have some mild terrain, but generally appeal to more advanced skiers (no snowboarding allowed at Alta), so weaker skiers would not take full advantage of the steep and deep.

Good luck.
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Stay in Park City - it beats Salt Lake for ski ambience, dining,nightlife, pubs and shops and its right there at the base of PCMR. The Canyons and Deer Valley are just a few minutes away by car or shuttle, and Alta/Snowbird are about an hour or less.
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^^I'd second that one. Tons of variety for you, do a mountain a day. Great night life in Park City.

I thought of my home mountain, but early February is better here than early March. March CAN be terrific, but not reliably so.
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Hi guys
Thanks a lot for your input. One last question: from your posts it would seem that the powder in Utah is superior to that found in Colorado.....correct ?
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Methinks I hear the unmistakable aural footprint of a metallic cylinder filled with wriggling, earth crawling creaures being set free to wreak havoc within the connection of electrons known here epicski.

Yes, that is correct.
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