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November 15th - Where to go

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I know its a crap shoot - .. but I have my skis and boots out in the bedroom ... and I just need to talk about it...

where should be keep an eye on for a mid November (pre Tday) trip..

Last year we hit Breck around the same time and they had most of the front side open....


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You should keep an eye out for where the snow falls and hope to use frequent flyer miles or internet this-weekend fare deals.

The good news is that even if a place has snow that early, they will be running early-season lodging (and maybe lift) deals that will make it cheap once you get there. The variable is getting there.
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Wolf Creek unless it's a drought year. These were last november pre-t-day
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We will keep our fingers crossed for some early storms....

At the end of the day its a short 4 day trip.. So we need to be close to the airports..

We will most likley go to Breck, Winter Park, Loveland, Cooper, etc.... I dont think any of the other resorts along I70 open before Tday...

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Last year skied Copper Nov 16th, conditions were okay, skied Loveland Nov. 17th, conditions were good, skied Keystone on the 18th, conditions were superb. Keystone may not get the big dumps like some other places, but they really do a good job with what they have. I was pleasantly surprised.
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CO has the best early skiing for two reasons:

1) High elevations
2) Late Summer and early Fall Monsoonal flow usually ekes out several feet of snow up high before it gives way to the normal progressive Pacific storm tracks.

Of course, from late November on is another story <--- had to get my digs in

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'course, last year we (Eldora) had the best early season conditions.

The reality is, that's it's a crapshoot...lots of early season upslope storms equals good snow for Eldora and Loveland; downslope good for Summit County; Winter Park kinda gets it's own weather pattern, but is usually good early season.
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Been to Colorado for the last three Thanksgiving weeks. Wolf Creek was 100% open and incredible in 2004 and a drought year as Mom would call it for 2005. For 2005 and 2006, we went to the Summit/Eagle County areas. Both years, Vail had 1000+/- acres open. With so many ski areas within an hour or so, it's easy to stay central somewhere like Frisco and watch to see who has the most terrain open. Have skied in decent conditions at Copper, Vail, Breck and Loveland during that time of year. We weren't overly thrilled with conditions at Keystone or Beaver Creek.
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Mt. Bachelor, Ore.

Mammoth mtn., CA.

Over a lifitime of skiing I've found these 2 places the most dependable for early season.

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another vote for somewhere in colorado.

loveland had great coverage last year early december when i was there.
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I call BS on colorado having the best early season last year. We opened 100% on a 60"+ base (only natural snow) the second weekend in november last year and had over 250" of snowfall before December 1. Two years ago I was skiing chest deep powder on November 3.

Here's the preseason:

And later in november:

(Gunder photo from MB website)
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