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Slalom Race Skis

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Hey guys,
I started racing last year for the first time, but I have skiied all my life. I am a junior in highschool and am almost done growing so this year I have decided to buy a pair of slalom skis. Last year I skiied on a pair of 160 Atomics and found that they were a bit long for the courses we skiied. I was told by a coach that a pair of 155s would be better. I also had a friend recommend Elan and Atomic. as companies. My ski shop doesn't carry Elan and this year the race ski that they are supporting is the Volkl racetiger SL. They said it was a good all mountain ski and on the same level as the Atomic race skiis. They said the atomics were great in the course, but on the mountain it would be like skiing on cement blocks and no fun in trees or bumps. Can anyone validate this claim or suggest which ski to go with? thanks.
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So these are going to be your everyday skis and your race skis? Do you only race slalom or is this a 2 event ski?
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Yeah, they have to double as my all mountain ski, and I'll be using them in a short GS course as well.
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Is the shop offering you "citizen" skis or race stock?
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Race stocks are great, and I wish I could take them off the course, but dont want to ruin them. If you are a person who skis groomers only, then hey, why not? Btw, WC skis, or the motion skis?
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I asked my kid who just turned seventeen and quit racing this season. Spending over a 100+ days on snow a year for the past few seasons he does have a bit of experience. With that said all of his skis were legal (USSA/FIS) 165's.

Stockli .... He wants to keep them and likes them for some courses and all around skiing. He said they were softer in flex.

Fisher ... He wants to keep a pair of those also; he liked them on harder courses.

Atomic .... He tried em' and didn't like them and many on his team switched to Fisher including their top racers.

As an "old guy" .. I ski a 156 Stockli SL (mens race legal race back then) and I love them .... they are getting beat but when they are ready .... I'll be looking at the "womens" Stockli.
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My daughter has the race stock Volkl Racetiger SL. She likes them significantly better than their predecessor P60's. She has ended her racing career now, but her personal preference has always been NOT Atomic. She was a FIS racer, but only weighed 115 pounds and I think the Atomics were possibly too heavy and beefy for her. All I know is that trips to Govy and testing things there she always hated Atomics.

That being said, the Volkls are sinkers off piste and she is hoping I will drop the bucks for some Auras for those days when the goods are off trail OR the "groomed" was covered up seven inches ago.

I would definitely go with the shorter, 155, ski. The point of SL skis is to TURN, not to make straight lines down the hill.
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Originally Posted by cpanno View Post
Yeah, they have to double as my all mountain ski, and I'll be using them in a short GS course as well.
Thats gonna suck using SL skis for GS.

You might want to avoid WC and Racestock skis and grab a pair of all mountain cruziers like the Racetiger Ti's.
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One thing that no one has brought up yet is: Do you need a legal ski? This is a pretty important question since that would rule out anything below a 165. From the sounds of it you aren't doing high level racing, so regulations shouldn't be an issue... but with that said I would not go shorter than a 165, since at your age that is the size ski you should be on - not to mention they are faster, more stable, and in most cases turn just as quickly (when they share the same radius as the shorter ski).

Being a racer in the east, I spend the majority of my time on race stock slalom skis - yes even free skiing. No skis match their performance.

So I have to ask, are you hell-bent to be on a ski from your local shop? Also, can you provide a little more information about yourself (age, height, weight, ability, other skis you have been on, how long you have been in a structured instruction setting before, where you finish in your races, and what level the top racers in your competitions are at)? That info will be much more helpful in diagnosing your dilemma.


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