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Originally Posted by SkierScott View Post
You may find Ron LeMaster's article Line Evolution: Survival of the Fastest http://www.ronlemaster.com/articles/LineEvolution-3.pdf to be helpful especially the diagrams on page 3.

Where are you racing and in which league? What formats do you race and how would you describe the course sets, total number gates, your times, fastest course times, zero par times?
Nice Job! Right on point:
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Line Strategy - Wagner Drill

Wagner Drill from the USSA Alpine Tactics cd http://shop.usskiteam.com/store/prod...cat=251&page=1 may be helpful.

For detailed description of Wagner Drill see page 16 of USSA NDS Junior Champions Project Jan 2007 (select Project Report at www.ussa.org/PublishingFolder/5116_5526.htm) or click http://www.ussa.org/PublishingFolder..._Champions.pdf

For Wagner Drill video go to V1 Sports (Model Videos - select your sport Skiing) http://www.v1sports.com/locker_model...viewsport=SKII and scroll to bottom of screen. The following 2 videos are .wmv Windows Media Player files.

16 - USSA Wagner drill first brush

15 - USSA Turn placement drill two brushes
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