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Head XRC 500

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Hi, Has ANYONE here tried the Head XRC 500 skis? I noticed another thread and only one person responded and even he hadn't skied on them! A lot of other Head XRC models are reviewed on this site except the 500s. Are the 500s not advanced enough for this forum? I'd really like to read about your experiences and opinions of them. Anyone??? How about any of your friends?!?!

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Most reviews I've read would suggest you skip the XRC500 and go to the XRC800.
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Experience, no. Opinion, yes. From reviews, it is extremely unstable at speed. It is very forgiving. It has a very weak grip. In short it would be ok for your first day or three provided you didn't go over 15 mph, but most people have a fast enough learning curve that they are further ahead to rent for a few days and then buy the 800.
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I demoed this ski briefly, wrote a quick review of it here last spring. Summary: Nice smooth grippy ski, I'd spend the bucks on a 800 unless I planned to stay intermediate/low advanced.
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