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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
When a complete stranger walks up to me in an apres ski bar and buys me a drink because they saw my skiing earlier in the day.

You gotta admire Fox for consistency. This man is FOCUSED! I mean, he NEVER stops thinking about malt beverages.
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When a guy walks up to me in an apres' ski bar and says, "Hey! You REALLY skied well today! Let me buy you a beer!" and the guy is originally from Belfast and answers to the name Stewart - now, THAT'S a COMPLIMENT!

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Verbal compliments, and complaints, seem to bounce off me like .30 caliber bullets off an Abrams tank. For me the ultimate compliment would be (after every powder dump) to leave a strip of fresh 50 yards wide by 1000' vertical for no one but me to ski.

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I'm not really good with compliments. But at a PSIA Master's Academy, I've been asked if I was on the Ed. Staff. When I said "no", they said they thought I ski well enough to be. I was almost too embarassed to answer, but I said thanks. When I learned, the next day, that the guy who paid me the compliment IS Ed. Staff (Examiner Training Squad), I had to gloat to myself for quite a while. But I have this internal fear that if I get get compliments, I'll become complacant (sp? aka: satisfied) with my skiing. I hope that never happens.

One other compliment that I got, I almost didn't know whether to take it as a compliment or a put-down. A woman in my group (another PSIA Master's Academy), asked if I was a career instructor. I told her that I'm just a part timer and hadn't taught full time in quite a few years. She said I was too "into this" to only be a part timer. It made me feel good and bad at the same time because I feel like I should have the moral conviction to become a career ski instructor and live below the poverty line, but I just can't get myself to do it. It also brought up all the bad feelings about how poorly we are treated by our ski area management, and that we SHOULD be able to make a living at it. But I know she meant it as a compliment.
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A guy walked up to me in the bar at a local hill. He was wearing the same North Face clothing I was. Said to me,
<blockquote style="font-weight:bold;">I have a confession to make.</blockquote><blockquote>Oh, what's that?</blockquote><blockquote style="font-weight:bold;">I've been accepting compliments from people about ripping on skis that should've been coming to you.</blockquote><blockquote>What makes you think they weren't talking about you?</blockquote><blockquote style="font-weight:bold;">I'm on a snowboard.</blockquote>

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Here's a compliment. My husband skied down a run while the group watched. The Austrian men conferred among themselves in low voices. The Austrian woman, the one who spoke fair English, said to me with admiration, "They said he skis like an Austrian!"
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I'm still waiting for my compliment. It is when Warren Miller calls me up to tell me he needs me in his next movie. :
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Based on another recent topic, I guess the ultimate compliment would be, "your an EXPERT!"
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This one time at ski camp...

This guy skied up to me, "I really like your equipment." He then proceeded to compliment me on my entire ensemble. I was quite proud when he gushed about my get up. I'd spent quite a bit of money on my Arc Teryx coat, let alone my dope ass ski pants. (gratuitous use of lingo)

He rambled on for quite some time about my choice of gear. I was feeling pretty good. After all, I did spend my hard earned money to look good. My G4's invoked copious amounts platitudes, this guy truly dug me.

Then he saw me ski...

Ok, good night.

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From some kids I was teaching recently: "Do you really have to leave now?"

Maybe its not the "ultimate" compliment, but not bad at generating some warm fuzzies.

Tom / PM
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Nolo, when I look at you I don't see a girl. I see a woman who is an awesome skier, I don't see a woman who skis like a man. Other than thanks, what did you say?
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I said thanks for the compliment and then my girlfriends and I hopped on the chair for another go.

Thank YOU for the compliment, Ric.

One of the best compliments I ever received was when the coach of the local race team worked out a deal with the ski school for me to give the athletes private lessons to help them with their technique.

But like the fellow said, the ULTIMATE would be to get the call from Warren Miller or TGR to play with a bunch of truly awesome skiers at some exotic shoot (and chute).
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After a lesson with a 10 year old girl that was very worried about a possible bad lesson (had a bad experience at a different resort) with an impatient instructor, my last private on Saturday ended with a big hug and a comment from the girl, "Thank you, That was the best lesson I have ever had" Big smile on her face. That's a great way to end a day!
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I was in a chairlift in LAS LENAS with an instructor , under us two kids were going down knee deep powder , one real good , the other not great but surviving , I told the instructor :
"this is my son( pointing to the good skier) and a friend"
He answered , he is good who was his instructor ?
"Myself" ,I proudly announced
and his friend? asked again
" my son is teaching him , and it's his second day"

You are a liar! , the instructor said

I consider that a good compliment
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Originally posted by milesb:
"I want to ski JUST LIKE YOU!"
You already have that compliment, Miles! [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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SILENCE is the ultimate compliment ....

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Originally posted by man from oz:
SILENCE is the ultimate compliment ....
Well then, I get such "ultimate" compliments all the time.

Believe it or not, in my 11 years of skiing I never recived any comments about my skiing (good or bad). Other than my wife sayin "you ski well baby, just don't kill yourself", nobody ever told me anything - until the Academy.

At the Academy, my buddy stmbtres complimented me on my skiing several times. It is amazing what a few nice words can do to an ego! Thanks stmbtres! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I had an experience a couple of years ago at Alta that was to me the ultimate compliment. I was on a run with a good bit of pitch and checked behind me to make sure that no one was behind me and started carving some high energy turns. I was really having fun cranking out these turns unaware that anyone was watching. Then up ahead on the chairlift heading back up the mountain was an Alta ski instructor clapping his hands. I will tell you that meant a lot to me. It still does. I don't consider myself a great skier. But right then I was doing it right. And it felt good. Mr.C
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Believe it or not, in my 11 years of skiing I never recived any comments about my skiing (good or bad). Other than my wife sayin "you ski well baby, just don't kill yourself",
Tom, I find that difficult to believe since you're an excellent skier. I'm still trying to figure out your wife's comment though. Almost sounds like a line from an Austin Power's movie when accompanied by a pat on the head!

Oh yeah Tom, don't forget your prescription from the Academy: go get (borrow,beg,steal) a pair of gs skis that are longer than your 160's. I'm not talking crazy here, just like 174cm. Then go lay down the longest, fastest arcs you can. At the bottom, go back to the top and repeat. On the chair say, "I will make long turns, I will make long turns"

Tom makes more turns per meter than anyone I've ever skied with! (That's not pos or neg-just the facts ma'm)
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As a pro, the greatest compliment is when a student gets inspired, and then their performance goes off the chart.

I had this experience a few days ago. I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with dp, and wow- what changes he put down!

That is what makes it worthwhile!

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Thanks, VSP! It was one of my best days on skis ever- opened up a whole new road for me. Now I've got lots of practice to do to internalize all of it!
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Thanks Tog.

Since the Academy I always think about making long fast turns. I am still not comfortable at high speed, but I try.

Yah, one of these days I shall get a longer ski!

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Interesting topic. I`m certified eastern-level 3, teaching for over 40 years. Two weeks ago I had a pvt. request from one of our hard core, season pass holders who has been skiing for over 30 years and hasn`t had a lesson/learning experience for almost that length of time. Bought new equip this year and continued to be frustrated with the sport. We had fun and worked hard for about 1 1/2 hours. His comment to me was " You put the FUN back in skiing ". That was more important than anything else I rec`d.
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Very nice, Larry C.

A couple of weeks ago, following the last class of a five-week series of "adult" lessons, one of my students gave me a gift certificate to a local sporting goods shop. In the "to-from" spot she had written "To a great teacher."

She has been a school teacher for 32 years. Coming from her that was a major compliment.

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Someone from here has given me very nice compliments...
If only I could find the thread
A very nice one has been given to me (us, my two friends and me)
by two guides we 'hired' for an off-piste (out of bound you'd say) one-day-long tour...nothing exceptional, mind you, but we felt safer, not knowing the environment, with the aid of a guide.
Well, they had been so happy to ski with us on that day, that they took us on a second mini-tour after the first had been completed (this one for free, apparently they enjoyed the day as much as we did), and then the head guide invited us to his house for an afternoon tea.
Maybe it had to do with the fact that one of us was a blonde girl who was good looking and whom could also rip... :

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