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What would be the ultimate compliment?

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What would be the ultimate compliment on your skiing (or you as a skier)--something that if you overheard it would make your day?
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Hearing that people love to ski with you would make my day......

and that you have a nice a$$.

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Fluid and graceful
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Why, nolo, you've already given my ultimate compliment a few times over! Thank you!

While words have a great impact, there is nothing like being watched. When I was learning years ago, I used to find a spot on a run (or while on the lift), and watch people ski. I'd say to myself, "I want to ski like that."

At Brighton, there were times when people were watching ME ski. Wow. :

And the Ultimate high was following Weems down the blues on our free afternoons during the Academy, with his graceful epic turns carving flowing arcs on the snow and me in the Zone: silently keeping pace, forgetting I have a body at all, and letting the skis turn themselves while I revelled in the joy of being able to actually paint my own design on the snow, and having it look very similar to his.

[img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I'm not sure anymore -- for a while I would have loved to have a stranger come up and compliment me on having a smooth, effortless round turn. And then it happened -- twice in one day, from two different people, who were both apparently shadowing me.

Wow. So I apparently need a new goal now. Might be time to resurrect the one about hearing the race announcer say "KevinF, time of XXXX, good for NASTAR gold". I've heard the NASTAR silver announcement a couple times, but never got that gold. Nashoba Valley, look out!
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nolo says, "Hey! Has that oboe learned to ski bumps and trees?! or WHAT?!"
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Holy s$$t after watching you go through those bumps I thought they were gonna be easy. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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powerful, smooth, graceful even in sh_*&y snow! [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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I overheard an instructor say to his class (while pointing at me)'Thats the way to ski!"
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Could I please have one more? [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
At Alta, I carved a turn around a girl who was taking a lesson. The instructor smiled and said "Excellent precision!"

Hey, I've got an idea! Maybe if I pretend that trees are people, I could tree ski! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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"You really look like you're having fun."
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Actually had it happen once!

Long weekend at Killington and it starts snowing the end of the first day, and continues through the night. Nex day - not a tremendous amount of new snow, but sorta heavy, and giving the majority a workout and tough time since it wouldn't allow skidding ....as you know, prior to the academy I was pretty much traditional - put'em together and work them together, so this was fine with me to float on - better yet, it was all in the zone that day.

I was skiing the treeline over on Bear Mtn and saw my friends stop, so I pulled up at an intersection and tucked myself away off the trail. While I was standing there talking with them by radio, a gentleman and his son slide up in front of me and he proceeds right up in MY space and pointedly says "Can I ask you a question?" I'm a little concerned about what's on his mind and what it could possibly have to do me, but simply respond "Well, sure."

His question-I'll always remember-"HOW do you do that?" :

Made my day!
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That's generally the reaction most people have when they watch Chris ski! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I can see that I just don't get it. I thought skiing was supposed to be fun. It's really about looking good to others and having them envy you. I gotta work on my prorities!
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*Snowboarder to my group of skiers* HEY! Ill race you to the bottom!

*Points at me* Except you! You have to take off one ski!

I liked that
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That's an easy one Nolo. When I was young and competing my focus was totally on myself. I was ultra competetive and intense. When I left the race arena and went into coaching that focus shifted and I diverted my intensity toward the development of my students and helping them understand how to utilize the principles of achievement they developed through ski racing in any challenge or endevor they may pursue throughout the remainder of their lives.

The proudest moments of my life in skiing came on the two seperate occasions when I came to find out that I was the subject of two of my graduating students high school essays on the one person who had provided the most profound positive influence on their lives.

In each case I had the opportunity to read the essay. One was sent to me by the boys mother who was moved by the sentiments of her son in his essay and expressed great appreaciation for what I had given to her child while he was under my tendance. Reading the words in those essays, and coming to realise how deeply all the values and character traits I attempted to instill in my racers had found root in these two kids was an emotionally moving event for me that I will never forget.

If I didn't know it before, it made it instantly clear the great value the effort and dedication I applied to my role as a coach carried, and the positive impact I was making on so many young kids lives.

What job could ever carry more value and importance? What complement could be more cherished.
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For me, it's just nice when the lift op is friendly and says "hello" and smiles. On my skiing, it would be "relaxed and smooth."
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When a complete stranger walks up to me in an apres ski bar and buys me a drink because they saw my skiing earlier in the day.

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Originally posted by truckman:
For me, it's just nice when the lift op is friendly and says "hello" and smiles.
I'm with Truckman - I just like to ski FOR ME don't really ski for others approval...

I can say which ones really hit home though - & all last season...
1) Skied with an internet buddy for the first time & after a couple of quick warm-up runs he said 'You look so graceful skiing'. At the time I was HORRIFIED - it was 8:30am & FIRM underfoot with a few chunky bits & grooming mismatches & I was particularly unhappy with my long turns on those runs. I think it took until the afternoon for it to sink in to the level I FELT it was a compliment - remember GRACEFUL is NOT an adjective often used to describe my movement patterns(My father has described me trying to play sport as having 'all the grace & vigour of a paralytic snail')
Note: if I TRY to ski 'gracefully' - I just CAN'T SKI!

2)Having an instructor stop his class next to us to tell me I was 'Starting to ski GOOD now' :

3)Having my instructor tell me one of his other private clients wants to ski like ME [img]redface.gif[/img]

4)Easily the best though.... my instructor saying 'Where the F*** did that come from?' after I lead him on a run through some bumpy bits... He then said he would have SWORN I would NOT do that run like that in that season - he knows me very well - so that REALLY hit home BIG TIME!! Made for a VERY happy diss for a week or 2 - still a stunning memory as for the life of me I would have backed him on that...
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A compliment is something you'd like to put in your pocket and take out from time to time and wonder at how it got there. To enjoy the respect and admiration of others is quite natural, even among the self-reliant and self-actualized.

I got a compliment last week that I had to throw back:

"You ski like a man." Can you guess what I said?
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I don't know about ultimate but some compliments that I've gotten lately have felt pretty good. Valentines day, and I'm skiing 6" of powder down the side of White Lightening, and I ski it out to the lift past our Bridger video person. I get on the lift and she skis up under us and says, "That was really good". The last skier in the video archive from valentines day is me. Closing day last year I was picture of the day for two months. Then last week I was skiing with a fellow instructor in the bumps in the south bowl, and finishing up in the bumps under the lift, when up skis a person asking if we're instructors and interested in taking a lesson. None are ultimate compliments and I wasn't aware of sking for anyone at the time, just skiing for the moment, but they felt good. [img]smile.gif[/img]

So Nolo, did you tell them I ski like a women?
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nolo, the compliment I get at least twice a day is:

"Love that hat"

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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
When a complete stranger walks up to me in an apres ski bar and buys me a drink because they saw my skiing earlier in the day.

especially whe SHE buys you the drink.
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Ric: "You mean I ski like a girl?"
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Based on the chorus I've heard...

"You ski like nolo."
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my best (only?) compliment that i remember was when a group of us, all skier gals, took a season long advanced clinic together for fun on fridays... the two girls who i have the utmost respect for, and who i think are rip-arse riders, said they wanted to ski like me [img]tongue.gif[/img] ...which is funny, 'cause i wa thinking the same thing, i'd like to ski like them...it is nice to find a group of gals who can push you to ski as hard as, well, as some others can

ski on...
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"I want to ski JUST LIKE YOU!"
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I skied by a guy on Spillsvile at Sugarbush one day, when the bumps and lines were fantastic and I was totaly in the zone. He whooped as I went by and when I stopped about half way down he skied up to me and said "let me see you do that again, caus thats the way you ski bumps!". That made my day. However under that much pressure I biffed at the end of the run and planted myself in a mogul.
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"I guess John Holmes isn't dead." [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

[Unfortunately, she's talking about my skiing.]
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My buddy jeff ( a rippin skier) turns to me @ alta & says about a friend of ours arcing efortlessly down the shoulder.
"Man I wanna ski like him, like water running down a hill"

that would be it for me
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