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chamonix this winter anyone?

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I am interested in spending about a week in Chamonix. I am an advanced skier -with experience in utah, JH, WB and Zermatt.

I was hoping to go with a buddy of mine - but looks like he is flaking out.
i don't want to go alone.

i am checking to see if anyone might be interested in going to chamonix.
We could organize the trip ourselves. I am guessing it would cost about
$2000 - including air, hotel transfer, guides, food etc. we could spend 6/7 days in chamonix or tour around French alps.

I am not planning to make any money of off this . I am just looking for company. I am not a travel agent - but i have been to Europe many times with family - so have a fair amount of knowledge about organizing this.

The ideal time for me is March 1-8th 2008. but i am somewhat flexible.
although i am told that march is the best time to visit chamonix.

so if you are interested. please let me know. of course if you know somebody organizing a tour - please let me know.

I am 46, male, married.
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You should go even if you don't find someone. Some of my most memorable trips have been solo.
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Post that on TGR's hook-up forum.

There are some maggots residing in Cham or surrounding vicinity around Lake Geneva (Ripsalot, Tele-Al, LITT ect.) you might be able to hook up with. They could be of great advice and give you tours in nearby Switzerland too. Idris (who posts as Tom@Cham here) is living and working there but he might be spending the upcoming season in NA. Good luck.
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Hey Marty - we're skiing in France this March

Replying to your post about Chamonix, our ski club is going to Morzine in March. Not quite the same, but I think there are one or two spots still open.

Speaking of which, I haven't had a chance to check conditions... I spent last January in Chamonix, and March in Courmeyeur: chamonix had very little snow - very poor conditions in general, slightly better off-piste (of course... lol!). Courmeyeur was better, strangely enough, but still not great, not what you would go to Europe for.

Hope that helps - joe
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FYI I Skied both Chamonix and Couremeyer in March 2007 and while Courmeyer was good - Chamonix was GREAT!
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