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Problem feet questions.

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- Male, 28, 5’10 & 195lbs.
- Level 8 Skier, 15-20 days a year (50% east-50% west), want to start doing more off piste (now do about 20%)
- Size 10-10.5 foot. Wide foot, short toes, fairly thick ankles and calves.
- Left ankle is also quite a bit bigger (10%) due to breakages (sheared growth-plate, 2 each tib&fib breaks, ruptured Achilles, & necrotizing fascitis - flesh eating disease to you and me- leaving a 2 inch round section right above the bottom of the tibia with no flesh and very sensitive.)
- Pronate with both feet, left significatly more so.
- Boots: Rossi Power 70, 2 Years old (25 days), no work ever done to them.
- Ski in question, 178 Dynastar Legend 8000 w/px-12Ti lifter.

Left side boot fits good, heal is sucked in tight but the ankle is also quite a bit bigger (see above). I can wear the boot on the 2nd/3rd notch on all the buckles & the boot never feels tight, is comfortable and doesn’t move around. Recently (ie. at the end of last year) my Anterior tibiofibular ligament was getting really sore after a day of skiing. So much so that it was hard to remove my boot at the end of the day. Unfortunately that's the GOOD leg when skiing...

Question 1)
My right, the heel lifts which makes me crank my boot tight, tight enough that the spoiler digs into the bottom of my calf and rubs it raw/bruises it after about 3 days of skiing in a row. How can I stop the heel lift without over tightening the boot? Is padding/shimming under only this heel lead to instability?

2) More painfully and annoyingly is when I'm skiing easy everything is fine, but pushing on the steeps, my right big toe pushes against the front of my boot (has lots of room in the toe regularly) and it hurts and feels like my big toe is leading the turn (i.e. my heel wants to rotate around outside of my big toe). What can I do here?

3) Are these boots just not for me? I got them on a great deal and were initially very comfortable on both feet, but the right’s getting progressively worse. I don’t mind moving on if needed. I know they are a failry soft flex. I don't know if that's a problem, but I don't want race boots... I do think though that if I have to get a lot of fitting done I should get new boots. So lastly:

4) If I do need new boots, what make/model would be the right fir for me?

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1) remove the spoiler (usually a nut or screw, sometimes just drill it out)
maybe both sides to keep things the same?

2) sounds like the heel is moving and this is causing the toes to hit the front. maybe a shim over the instep and onto the shin to help hold the heel back more. Eliminators can do this too.

3) maybe, try a few more things, and try on some new boots and feel what they are like. What is the shell fit like on this pair?

4) let a boot fitter worry about that, you need to look for a good boot fitter, not good boots.
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I would say you need to look at this set up dealing with the pronation will help settle the foot fitting issues as well. So don't assume it is fixed until you feel it is right.
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