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Boot Suggestions?

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Measurements were made without a sock on...
  • Forefoot: 99 mm
  • Foot Length: 26.8 cm/ 26.7 cm
  • Instep: 245 mm
  • Intermediate Skier
  • Size 10D street shoe

based on my foot size, my build (5'10", 148 lbs), and my experience (as i said, intermediate, mostly on groomers), do you guys have any suggestions as to what kind of boot i should even be looking for? what flex, style, etc? and any specific suggestions are of course welcome. thanks, you guys are really a big help.

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let a boot fitter worry about that, you need to look for a good boot fitter, not good boots.

what some customers consider tight, some feel are too loose, what some can flex, others can't. You and a boot fitter, need to try some boots on and see what works for you.
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Jvhowube, where do you live? Where do you ski?
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go to school in vermont. ski local mountains, sugarbush, killington, snow bowl. i plan on seeing a boot fitter, as mntlion suggested.
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Definitely. Best to find one who understands that there is more to "boot fit" than making the boot fit comfortably. Equally important is how well the boot's design matches your body. Fitting a person to a boot is a specialty that goes beyond the more traditional "boot fitting" and is (IMNSHO) worth its weight in gold.
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Some general recommendations that I use at my shop. I see people from intermediates up and make an effort to get everyone (within reason) into a race lasted boot. Why? Because the narrowness solves many performance and fit issues.

Often intermediates especially have never been in a decent boot. Typical intermediate boots are simply too high volume for many skiers, especially smaller women. Discomfort can be caused by having to overbuckle a high volume boot.

Tecnica does a great job of making race boots in soft flexes and small sizes. For many women their 90 flex is a wonderful boot available all the way down to 22. I also find I can fairly easily fit widths to D into it. I think I'll be able to do the same with the new Raptor series.

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