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Ski advice

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I'm looking for a second opinion on some skis that I recently purchased. The skis I recently bought were Salomon X wing 8's that are 160 cm long. The guy helping me at the ski shop said that they were about the right length for a beginner/intermediate skier based on my height. I'm a beginner and I'm only 5'9" but I weigh 205 lbs so I'm wondering if the 160's may be too small. I still have plenty of time to return them if I need to but I only paid $260 for them so I thought that they would be a good purchase for my first set of skis. Most of the skiing that I will be doing will be on piste in slushy snow (I live in the Pacific Northwest). I understand that there are a lot of factors involved in sizing skis but my question to the forum is, based on my weight and the fact that I'm a beginner, are the 160's a good length of ski to work well for me for a couple of seasons? Thanks in advance.
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The 160 length would be what you would start on as a true beginner; however, if you plan to ski fairly frequently, you will likely want something a bit longer (so long as it is still a forgiving ski). You don't mention boots, but they are where you should start: a proper fit and the right boot make a world of difference. When I started skiing, I took lessons on a 160 but purchased a 170 length ski. How often do you plan to ski over the couple of seasons? If you are at the beginning stage of skiing, having a shorter ski will help with turning but you will be more comfortable at low to medium speeds on a ski of that length (which is appropriate for a true beginner).
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Return them and politely ask for something similar in the low 170's. Yours'll feel too short after about three lessons. Also, from what I understand of the PNW, Sollies wouldn't be my first choice (heavy wet snow). If you can't afford to take lessons and rent, then take lessons and buy last year's Head iM72, Fischer AMC 73, Dynastar 4800, Volkl AC2, or Nordica Modified in the low 170's. They'll hold up to your weight and grow with you all the way to advanced. If your shop doesn't have them, look at Evo or Backcountry or Sierra Snowboard and Ski on the web. Good luck and welcome!
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Thank you very much for the advice. The shop didn't have the specifics skis that were recommended by beyond in the right length so I ended up getting some Rossignol Z3's that are 170's. Thanks again!
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Enjoy your skis, newbie.
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