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The anti-Vail

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cool ! good luck ant ! the scenery up there must be totally spectacular. ahh all we need now is some snow ! please let it snow !!!! out for the drop bears

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Have a good time Ant - & don't forget to hug Troy for me [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Must get there some day.
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The anti-Vail

This is where I'll be all winter (heading up there in a few days).

Tiny little village, access is by snowcat only.

it's a big old alpine hotel (The Chalet) that was built way back in the 30's, and a small bunch of club lodges. The Chalet and lifts are owned by the one very small company, I'm not sure of the arrangements for the lodges, but imagine their leases toggle off the head-lease of the Chalet.

This place really *is* exclusive! Limited number of beds, and limited seats in the access vehicle.

They teach the Canadian system. Ski school is tiny. It just breaks into double figures! It's unusual in that it is not allied with the Australian professional association APSI.

There's no gnarly terrain, but heaps of gentle blue tree and off piste stuff, and after a fall, there's freshies to be had for days.

There's a wonderful run off the top down to the Snowy River. You can cross that (on some rocks) and go up Mt Twynam, which is our 3rd tallest mountain, and offers some stunning terrain. I'll have my AT stuff and expect to use it.
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Have a great season up there, ANT!

Say HI! to Shannon for me.

By the way- I hope they got the sewage problem fixed!!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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I'm not hugging anyone! Yuck.

The sewerage thing was some silly person who obviously had no idea about closed septic systems (ie they probably grew up in a city with municipal sewerage). I have a bio-cycle system, and they are very fragile, especially in winter. Put something nasty down it (solvents etc are the worst) and you kill the little greeblies. This is what happened. Hopefully they sternly lecture all newbies this year.
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