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Any Ottawa area Bears here? *Season pass help needed*

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I just moved to the Ottawa area, and i'm struggling with the decision on where to buy a season pass. There seem to be 3 main options, potentially a fourth.

1. Fortune
2. Cascade
3. Edelweiss
4. Tremblant (if they offer a Route 66 pass or whatever it was called)

Fortune is obviously the closest, as my wife and I live close to downtown. (Westboro) However, the Edelweiss pass is attractive as it offers 50% off at Jay all season long, and free skiing after March 25. From my estimates, Jay is about 3 hours and change from Ottawa, and I would head up there a couple weekends per month. Tremblant enters the picture in that their pass is (was?) aggressively priced, and it's only 2 hours away. This limits the casual night skiing or quick trip out to the slopes though, as it's 2 hours away or nothing.

Can anyone offer some advice here?
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I haven't been living in Ottawa since '85, but I'd go for the Edelweiss deal. Even though Camp Unfortunate is close, it can also be a zoo on weekends just to get those 13-second long runs in. Besides, Jay kicks ass (by Eastern standards), but I was a Whiteface-Lake Placid lover myself, especially during the spring skiing season.
Good luck for an early season this year, by the way.
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Camp Fortune is pretty tame skiing. Forgetaboutit.

Try Mont Ste. Marie or Calabogie, if you don't want to make the 2-hour drive to Tremblant.

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Thanks gents.

Any word on Edelweiss? Is there any terrain there worth mentioning?
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It's been a while, but if I recall correctly it's better than Fortune, but not as good as the other two I mentioned earlier.
I wouldn't cross it off my list. And Jay is a nice place to ski.
Check out the various links to compare stats for different ski areas.

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For those interested (and in the proper age range), I came across this steal of a deal for locals:


Ski any of the MSSI resorts, any day, any time for $379.00+tax.
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Live an hr south of Camp Unfortunate have skied them all including Calabogie --------------WHITEFACE or Tremblant for road trip try GORE the rest will bore you to death
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Tremblant is extremely boring, there isn't anything to challenge a skier who deems themselves to be an expert, I would not consider a seasons pass at Tremblant unless you like waiting in lines and skiing groomed cruisers. The tree skiing is awful, go to Sutton or Jay Peak for tree skiing. I have never bought a seasons pass anywhere, I just ski everywhere, however, Edelweiss is the best place around for night skiing and Mont Saint Marie is the best for day skiing, it is an hour after you cross the bridge into Hull/Gatineau going towards the Lac Leamy Casino. As well, MSM, has half price days during the week, I think they were on Mondays last year.
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