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Well, now I'm back, thinking I'm going to go to the MA/ProJam. the main reason for my change of heart is that one of my best friends, who I taught with for a dozen years, and who moved to Denver a few years ago, is planning on coming east to attend it. So that makes the event much more enjoyable. Just PRAY for good weather!
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 Bumping this thread because the 2009 Snow Pro Jam is scheduled for Dec 14-18 at Killington.

I've never done one before and would check off my focus being Level II skiing exam prep.

Can someone give me (and others) an overview of what this event is like please?
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 It's a very good event. I've done it twice. Once at K and once at Snow. Probably will go again. It's pretty much a 5-day clinic. You'll get a chance to do electives on Wednesday (like skiing with the D-Team). Meet lots of people and ski a bunch. There will probably be several L2 skiing prep groups. You can scout them out and pick the right one for you. Some of the people in those groups have been "thinking about" L2 for 10 years. Others are going to do it this season.
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 Thanks eric, so they allow you to move from group to group?  What's the structure of the event?

I've done 2 day events and they assign you to a group, although you can sometimes ask to change.  It sounds from what you're saying that this is more freeform?

btw, I'm doing it this year.
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 The initial assignments are a bit more freeform, but once you are in, I think you need to stay there.
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You might find my clinic write ups to be helpful. http://www.therusty.com/Snow_Pro_Stuff.htm Look for the Pro Jam ones.

There are two main methods used to break up groups for Pro Jam:
1) Pick a group based on who is leading it (some groups are even prereserved prior to the event)
2) Pick a group based on focus

Out of 400 people at Pro Jam there are usually about 100 L2 preppers. For L2 prep, the first split is based on skiing vs teaching focus.  After that the split is usually "definitely taking the exam this year" vs "thinking about taking it this year" vs "just thinking about taking it" sometime. That split usually corresponds to "think they ski really good", "think they could ski pretty good", "wish they could ski good". If any of those groups are still bigger than 10 people, then they break out by ski hard (no stop top to bottom),  vs medium (stop once or twice) vs easy (aint no rush). About at that level people start ignoring the instructions for getting in smaller groups and start hanging with their friends or favorite clinicians or finding groups with hot chicks. Once the groups are split into 8-10, then off you go.

The groups mostly stay together after that, but there usually are some adjustments for some groups at lunch time for people who got into a group way under or over their head or were late. Even rarer are people switching groups later in the week, but it can happen if needed.
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 Thanks Rusty,  just started reading some of them.  Excellent.

Or should I say in your style.

SMJ read some of therusty's descriptions.  He found a lot of good info and is planning on reading more.   
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I have been to several ProJams, and the predecessor ITC, at both Mt. Snow and Killington.  I find that if I have skied a few days before ProJam, then I would want to be in a group that reflected the skiing I was actually doing, but if I had not skied yet that season, it was better to assume I would start skiing better as the week wore on.  On the other hand, when it comes to intensity, I need a much lower intensity level, with a lot mroe breaks, if I have not yet skied before ProJam.

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