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Bought Boots From a Friend - Are they too wide?

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hey guys

to start with, i'm a skinny guy. i wear a size 10 shoe, normal width, have lower arch, and i have sizable calves but they sit higher on my leg.

i've been doing a lot of research online in the past couple weeks about the salomon xwave 9's that i just bought from my friend (size 27). he used them for a little less than a season, so they're packed out, and they seem to fit length-wise (my toes brush the front when i stand, and then i bend, they move back). my heel stays in the heel cup when i move about.

the thing is, i feel like i have some room across my forefoot, and to the sides of my forefoot. all the descriptions of these boots say "have a roomy toe box preferred by skiers with wide feet" and i wouldn't consider myself a skier with a wide foot.

have i made a mistake? this guy isn't such a close friend that he'd take these back and gimme my money back. can i get these professionally fitted to fit better in the forefoot? should i sell them (probably take a hit) and buy boots that actually fit my foot correctly? tightening the front buckles all the way doesnt really help - just adds pressure points.

i haven't skied in them yet, so i don't know how they respond, though i assume the way they fit that i'd have some response issues.

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i think you pretty much answered your own question... the x-wave is certainly not what could be considered a narrow boot, best thing to to is go and have them checked over and be prepared to bite the bullet for a new pair. There are plenty of much narrower boots out there and more this next season than ever in flexes suitable for use by those who didn't make the world cup tour..... the usual pre requisits apply make sure the guy who checks them over is reputable and be honest about your ability etc etc. let us know where abouts you are based and someone with local knowledge will be along to recomend a place to go
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thanks for the quick reply CEM. i live in vermont during the season (i go to school there). there's a local shop that is pretty good that i can visit. i just wish i had known more about boot fitting before i just dove in and spent the money.
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If you like the boot and the flex pattern of the boot and can't find any other problems with it except for the width I would first recommend getting a good footbed as that will help take up room and give you better support and comfort. If this does not do the job and you still don't want to bite the bullet for a new pair of boots I would then ask your fitter to try to take up some volume inside the shell, and if you are still not happy then I would look at new boots. Just my opinion
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well i definitely won't make a move until i get up to school and can get to the ski shop (about 1.5 weeks). thanks for the suggestions on what to do. just for future reference, what're the brands right now that are shaped for normal feet (not narrow or wide)? does it go by brand, or is it more boot specific, or more line specific, or what?
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Jvhowube, it is both manufacturer and model that determine the "last" (the shape of the foot-space inside the boot). Making a used boot fit is not the easiest thing, since it's been packed out by a different foot shape than the one that's now trying to fit it. It can be done, of course.

As noted in the FAQs, the best way to determine boot fit potential is to size the boot without the liner in it. Most people don't realize this, and so end up with boots that are just wrong for them.

There are ways of taking up volume but if, as daleboot says, the basic methods don't work, you're not likely to be happy with the result.

Oh, and BTW, "normal" is a bit of a myth. There is a lot more that foot shape involved (including the characteristics of the bone/tendon/ligament structures, your lower leg, your body morphology, etc.), and thus having the services of a true specialist are, IMNSHO, exceedingly important.
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well my forefoot is ~100 mm across on both feet, my left foot is 268 mm and my right is 267 mm. my instep is about 245 mm (i measured around from the highest point of my instep to right in front of my heel the beginning of my arch). do these measurements help as far as picking out a boot? i'm also intermediate skier, if that helps.

i will be seeing fitters in a real shop when i get to school. just wondering if you guys can give me any direction before i go in! thanks!
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If it were me, I would look for a boot with about a 95-98mm width shell. The Xwave is too wide for you and adding padding is not the best solution IMO. If you want performance, I would cut my losses and splurge a bit or keep looking for a used boot that better matches your needs. It's easier to give you more room in the boot where you need it than it is to take up space.
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I agree with Bud and also wouldn't count on a footbed taking up volume. there are many different types and some are not substantially thicker than the cardboard bed supplied by the manufacturer. I think you need a narrower boot.
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