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Who ya gonna hire...?

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Bubba applied for an engineering position at a Shreveport, La. refinery. A Yankee applied for the same job and both applicants, having the same
qualifications, were asked to take a test by the manager. Upon completion of the test, both men missed only one of the questions.

The manager went to Bubba and said: "Thank you for your interest, but we've decided to give the Yankee the job."

Bubba asked: "And why are you giving HIM the job? We both got nine questions correct. This being Louisiana and me being a Southern boy, I should get

the job!" The manager said: "We have made our decision NOT on the correct answers, but, rather, on the one question that you BOTH missed."

Bubba then asked: "And just how would ONE incorrect answer be better than the other?"

The manager replied: "Bubba, it's like this. On question No.4, the Yankee put down; 'I don't know.'
YOU put down . . . 'Neither do I.'
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hey at least he knew how to get the job done with the least effort
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Snopro, Bubba graduated from Southern Methodist University
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